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01/15/2018 Make no mistake over China’s sovereignty & WeChat Going Forward

Written by Ariel

Chinese authorities order several foreign companies to fix mistakes on their websites, which list Chinese territories as independent countries. A simple mistake or is there more to this than meets the eye?
China’s WeChat rolls out the red carpet for an annual conference. Are we seeing another wave of innovation from the popular messaging app?

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  • If China wants the international community to accept her sovereignty claim over the SCS, China should tell the world that she will support similar sovereignty claims over other seas, such as if a country claims 2 thousand nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean as its territorial waters China will support its claim.

  • bj2690 I am reposting as a comment here. This reply to you ( and others) can be seen when I login to YouTube, not when I logged off, hence I assume YouTube is blocking my reply to other "viewable viewers"

    Your comment on YouTube is absolutely right. Few months ago when I was having difficulties with YouTube I tested in real time what other people can see in other Asian nations as I have connections with them since my University time. I asked them to go to same YouTube pages (I am refereeing to CGTN, New China TV and the old CCTV), without copying and pasting links, but sharing screen shots, and found out most of what we see in Australia (where I live) cannot be seen by those regions, hence
    I/we came to a conclusion YouTube make all these Chinese sites "region specific". Remember this is not 100% scientific experiment but basic yet can achieve results.

    I do not use terror or abusive language or words. I do not spread hate, I do not call for wars or violence, yes at times I am and have been harsh on my comments and replies. I also do not use a VPN. Sometime the comments and replies I have made can be seen on my computer but cannot be seen on other computers (different IP addresses) it is the
    same sometimes when I log off an d use the same computer as a general viewer. Hope you all can see this.

  • When China or other countries recognize Israel and the "West Bank" as two different entities, it too is geographically inaccurate. There is only one country, Israel, which has incorporated into it the traditional sovereign territory of the Jewish state.

  • Companies don't like China's stinking address, China never respect neighboring countries and Taiwan is independent country. China is screwing up Hongkong

  • The content of the so called expert (representing The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) was saying was without explanatory substance. CGTN will deservedly be viewed (by intelligent people) as an institution that serves to preserve insightless aggressive primitive attitudes such as the official Chinese attitude to Taiwan and Tibet.

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