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One of the perils of long term travel and solo travel is horrendous travel days. This video is no exception! After a 6 week break from Youtube I am back with a bang as I travel for 24 hours from Osaka, Japan to Phuket, Thailand via Hong Kong with Hong Kong Express.

But this isn’t any old travel vlog – you can also find some useful information in this video, such as –

– How to get from Osaka to Kansai International Airport
– How to get a train in Japan
– My opinion of Kyoto (Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and Fushimi-Inari Shrine)
– Plus my opinion on flying frustrations!
– Life as a Digital Nomad
– Problems with onward flights entering Thailand!

I also did a Workaway in Hiroshima, Japan for 3 months, check out my review near the end of the video! Akicafe link below –

At the time of upload, it’s also 500 days since I left the UK to travel and ended up becoming a Travel YouTuber and Online English Teacher! Stay tuned for awesome videos from Thailand, Mexico and more!

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  • Hi David. Nice video and informative. Enjoy Mexico – looking forward to your stuff there. I think we almost certainly crossed each other on 06 March. You going to Kansai Airport by train, me leaving Kansai Airport by train en route to my accommodation !

  • Welcome BACK 🙂 You nailed it about KIX departures hall looking eerily like PVG. Glad you're going great. I'm at end of my first 24hrs in Seoul arrived 7pm last nite. Awesome place that I would describe so far as "Tokyo Lite"…. in a good way. Off to DMZ/JSA tomorrow. Can't wait to see your S3 Mexico travels. Totally agree about hitting the streets to get bearings in new place. First thing I do after checking into accom. Pound the pavement and see what's what and who's who.

  • All caught up now , had a 50th in Bracknell over weekend , holy shot what a dull place that is . Think you do there to die

  • FINALY you r back….I really missed you this past month…..Nothing i like better than when i open my youtube and there is one of your video….i copy it, put it on my key and sit down with a down coffee and have a good laugh and travell…what are you talking about you re pale ? lol you re a brit you ll never be anything but pale….Now i m looking foward for your next videos…especially Mexico that will be something new…..welcome back….

  • Welcome back to the land of YouTube everyone. We're starting off with a horrendous travel day and 4 countries in one video. And obviously the Spice Girls!

  • I am disappointed in myself.

    I am usually really good at being a smartass, but I totally missed the opportunity to ask: did you look in your suitcase for your flipflops? When you lost them. This video would be so epic with that set up. Haha.

  • Such a great video! I love the traveler time machine idea! I think the new intro/outro is really good! I almost took a breath of sea air with you at the end. Things that annoy me about flights are people have never heard of earpods or head phones, either at the gate or in their seat. I really don't want to hear their candy crush game or their FaceTime chat with their grandson. Privacy people! I hate when people stand on the plane before the doors open too!

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    it helps get your channel rolling so give it a look 🙂

  • Hey David’s back! Great to see you doing your thing! I think you needed a little break, now you’re more rejuvenated. Awesome video, as expected. So you found your flip flops, maybe your wallet turns up too. Haha! Well we can’t wait to see more. Sorry I missed your live stream. Would have been epic to chat with you, next time. Safe travels David, take care!

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