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A Guide To Hong Kong’s Best Cheap Eats To Michelin Starred Restaurants – Featuring Lobster Mapo Tofu

Written by Ariel

Hong Kong has one of the best food scenes that can suit every budget. Join us on another Hong Kong Food Tour as we uncover the greatest cheap eats to the best Michelin starred restaurants in Hong Kong. We visit Mott 32, Kam Wah Cafe and Ronin, tasting some of their signature dishes from pork chop buns, spam, egg and macaroni in soup to black truffle siu mai and lobster mapo tofu. It’s all here in our latest episode of Hawker Style, our original travel videos series exploring street food from across the globe.

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  • I need to stop watching mouth watering videos like this before bed, as I am now hungry, and for food that I can't find in the house.

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