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Authentic Chinese Noodles in Honolulu Hawaii

Written by Ariel

Downtown Honolulu is one of the most interesting areas of Hawaii. Today we’re joined by friends Laurence and local boy Mike to check out the food and sights of this fascinating city, including a walk-through of Honolulu’s Chinatown.

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  • Banana lumpia = Turon in Filipino. Tastes even better when they add jackfruit into it. The prices at that restaurant are really cheap.

  • You guys would be the ultimate tour guides. You just make me want to travel and to Michael don't be shy we're all family here.

  • That looks amazing, I wish I had good food like that near me. I have to go to Chicago to get good food and I really dislike city driving

  • Wait wait wait, Shinichi you went to Cosmetology school??? That's awesome! How'd you become interested in the field? 🙂

  • That banana lumpia looked yummy. Haha Laurence wouldn't like it because it was fruit. I liked the visit to the temple. It looked very peaceful. I love duck so I'd probably enjoy the dry noodles as well. So many colorful wall murals! Looks like you had a great day! Glad you could meet up with Michael!

  • 6:58 Can't afford to pay him to be on camera!!! OMG So Awesome & Funny!!! LOLOLOL
    Thank You So Much for All that you share!!! <3

  • Hey hey theres a new Fab Four in town! there was a moment when I thought you guys would break out and dance, drop some beats in the graffiti streets! That Chinese food looked sensational. Fantastic Vid guys!

  • Ooh, the Honolulu tour continues! The food all looked delicious, especially the noodles. It was fun to have Laurence and Michael in this video. Ha, you’re gonna have to give Laurence a raise! Thanks for this excellent video!

  • Wow, just amazing! I really enjoyed this video. My fave thing was seeing all the different art works. So cool! Thanks for sharing guys and much love to you all! <3

  • âś‹Shinichi & Satoshiâś‹
    The food looks great and the prices look very reasonable. I need to go check this place out.
    Thanks for showing the prices!!

  • I know y’all finished your trip in Hawaii but tell Michael we love him and can’t wait to see him on camera again someday

  • Laurence is so funny. I love your videos guys! I wish I could fit in your bag so I can travel and taste all the food

  • It was shocking at 6:48 when the donut cried out as Satoshi bit into it! The Chinese traditional restaurant looked wonderful to me. If we ever go back to Hawaii we will go there for sure! My wife was born there and left in 1970 when she was 7 we have only visited once since we were married. I never get tired of your videos even if I do not comment and I like them best when you are with friends and family! Lawrence is so fun!

  • Did the Japanese tourist who got beat up in Kakaako make the news in Japan? Broke my heart that this happened on my Island! Glad they got the culprit and hope he goes to prison for a very long time! Also not a fan of Chinatown. There is a video on YouTube where rats are swinging on the fruits and veggies in a Chinatown Market.

  • The walls are created from the artist that participate in the event we have here called, Pow Wow. Places donate their walls for the artist to work on.

  • That's funny, on both of the videos I've watched from TabiEats, I was both 750 to click "like", so I guess that's good luck! Also, my mind is blown! I've lived here my whole life and I had no idea that there was a place called Izumo Taisha Shrine! Wow!!! I must go visit!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing Shinishi and Satochi( I hope I spelled your names correctly, I apologize if I didn’t. And nice to meet you Michael.

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