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Bali Holiday Resort Hotel Lamma Island Hong Kong Review

Written by Ariel

Review of the Bali Holiday Resort Hotel Lamma Island Hong Kong
Hotel is also sometimes called Bali Hotel Lamma

Room Rate £70 at the time plus a deposit on arrival

Hotel is clean though the facilities are sparse including just the one towel for 2 days. The scenery and restaurants on Lamma Island offset that by being excellent.

You cant go wrong for most types of foods especially fish. Great curry house there as well.

Beaches are also very nice and surprisingly quiet.

I was there becasue I couldn’t get a hotel on Hong Kong mainland under £150 due to the amount of trade shows going on in Hong Kong.

Would I stay there again.

Oh Yes. I loved the relaxed lazy atmosphere though the prices for eating out was high. Probably becasue everything has to be brought in off the mainland by boat.

Highly recommended if you can opt out of you 3 to 5 Star Hotel comfort Zone.

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