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  • then what uk expect? make a new unequal treaty impose to china again? start a new opium war again and beat the chinese again. because only uk make hongkong good and chinese only make them worse.

  • China Should be divided more than 100 countries Likes Taiwan, Tibet , Uygur, Inner Mongolia, Manchuria Etc.

  • 其实就是枪杆子硬不硬的问题,白种人就是这么虚伪,满口的仁义道德其实做着侵略分裂别的国家领土的事,今日的中国不同往日,香港永远属于中国,用不着洋人瞎参合。希望香港人民与我们的政府一起磨合,找出共同和谐的办法吧,都在改变,没必要这么消极和极端

  • a fiesty chinese city needs to beat down into submission.

    what came of your umbrella movment? nothing. the ruled will always be weak.

  • looks to me that HK will become regular CN city over time. there will be no independent HK. and thats fine, u will still prosper.

  • Why do I still believe that I will see a new civil war in China in my lifetime and maybe even one in Russia?

  • Born in 97 and I can say giving Hong Kong to China rather than independence was one of the biggest blunders Britain made in the 20th century

  • Britain had no choice, it had to hand Hong Kong over to the Chinese, otherwise for sure, the Chinese army would of invaded. Britain has been cost cutting its armed forces ever since the end of the Second World War. We have a great military in Britain, and in terms of technology and logistics we are world class. But the reality is, china has a bigger military in terms of manpower and is much closer to Hong Kong, compared to the British isles. Sorry Hong Kong we left, but we didn't have a choice. Nevertheless, I think China should give the freedoms to Hong Kong the majority of citizens want, because without Hong Kong, China's supremacy in terms of trading with the west and selling their products would of never of happened at the scale it has. Hong Kong ain't just a sea port, it's a hub for business and trade and more. China should respect that. But remember empires sooner or later fall. China is no different, it's just matter of time and patience. Because as citizens increase their wealth, they want more say and more independence.

  • i find this very disrespectful to China. very one sided mini document if you can even call it that as the young generation are not understand the true reason why hong kong was given back to China.

    Hong kong is running very well since 1997 and economy is growing from strength to strength. let China mind their own business with their own HK. no longer owned by British Empire

  • I never have girlfriend , and very poor humble doing job no money , around me all are scum , rat . They are sneaking me . it is true . Since so long, people seen me just like invisible also . So what I need care with nothing .

  • I lived in japan when it happened , There where a lot of people fleeing hong kong at that time,
    I did not know how or what would happen to hong kong , Now I do …..

  • 以上言論不代表所有香港年輕人謝謝!我並不討厭中國。 They cannot represent all of us, the hong kong people, thank you! I don't hate China at all.

  • Just so you know, after the Opium war we made a treaty with China and that said we'd have Hong Kong for 100 years. It's got nothing to do with threats or the like.

  • Hong Kong are just another victim of the Chinese government, who are swallowing up and oppressing countries that deserve their freedom, it's basically the modern USSR. I've got no problem with the normal Chinese people, but they need to work for change, and give back land to people who deserve it, rather than aid in oppressing it and raping and pillaging their lands more than they already have been for the past 300 years.

  • took 3 people with age 17-19 years with suspicious job from street . That's a good research to show as the news …

  • 不喜欢中国,可以不做中国人,欢迎移民。但是香港这片土地是属于中国的,你们没有任何权利改变这个事实。犯我中华者 ,虽远必诛。if you do not like being Chinese people ,you can change your country.But Hong Kong is a part of China ,no one can change it 。 We will punish whoever infense our chinese nation, no matter how far away they are.

  • i like Hong Kong lifestyle. i have noticed alot about hk people they are very hard working. and given any opportunity are willing to work in any way to make money. house prices and rental prices you cannot say government is wrong as everything is expensive. depends what areas. for eg. London price of rent and house is so much more than up north.

  • A group of losers had nothing better to do in life. Shout out few slogans so they could get paid by "you know who". Seriously where can I find these anti-China sponsors? I'd like to earn some easy money.

  • In WW2,The White Racists implemented political propaganda against Jewish people,they made up rumors like

    'white people are the best in the world,and the Jews are the worst. '

    'Jews are bacillus '

    'Jews are parasites'

    'Jews are stingy and greedy'

    'Jews use their power to benefit "their own kind'

    'Jews control the business world'

    'the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.'

    ''We shall regain our health only be eliminating the Jew.”


    Now, The White Racists just change the [Jews] into [Chinese people],they implement political propaganda against Chinese people,and make rumors about China too.

    The BBC, CNN or some other Western Medias make up things about China's social issue,human right issue,Sinkiang issue or Tibet issue.and they say

    'Chinese people are bacillus'

    'Chinese people are evil'

    'Chinese people control the business world'

    'Chinese people against homosexuals '

    'Get rid of Chinese people can make the world a better place'

    Is this sounds familiar? Yes,it is! The White Racists will put men into hell again and again.

    And the saddest thing is after the Genocide,they said hypocritically 'We killed all the Jews only because we want the world to be a better place,the Jews makes the world worse,and they need to be eliminated.'

    They did all this to [Jewish people] before, now they do it to the [Chinese people].

  • Britain used to be a proud country, now it sucks American's dick. It will do whatever to please its master, like a dog with a wagging tail. It doesn't give a shit about Hong Kong or democracy.

  • 150 years, UK wasn't able to give Hongkongers the freedom and free election. Now, they are requesting China to do it, who absolutely has no idea about how the western democracy would work?! Hmmm….before you would get your "freedom", you need some brain cells first.

  • If you born in 1997 you can be most easily brainwashed by the so call goodies from Mainland China.They did that so many times before since 1950. Oops.1950 was actually a threat to Hong Kong from China because the British was going to let Hong Kong to govern herself.

  • To those Nationalist Chinese or 'shoe shinning' individuals. This is a totally false rotten western propaganda aim at ruining Mainland China.I lived in China for over 25 years before risking my way to Hong Kong.I don't see anything wrong with that !

  • BBC can only find 2 uneducated losers in Hong Kong who were born" after" 1997 to establish the fake news about how Hong Kong people see Hong Kong as being worse after 20 years? So BBC can't find some former second class British Chinese subjects in the former British colony to interview and ask how they were so very well treated during the colonial time? All lucrative gov't projects were given to the Brits, all well-paying powerful jobs in the gov't were given to the Brits first. There was a lot of discrimination, just the Hong Kong people at the time chose to ignore it and accept it as normal and the right thing to do was just to focus on what they could do for themselves instead of whining about the biased British government. Hong Kong is certainly not less free today than 1997, and most of the old time Hong Kongers can attest to this fact. China had never promised to let Hong Kong to become an independent country.

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