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I hope you enjoyed this one! Dogs are LIFE!

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  • Hello Kyal: so great to see you again. And please do talk about your flight. Also Fabia, and you are a great team. Take care took few minutes just to say hello. Back to ICU.

  • Hey Kyal! Random question. When you were on the 717, were you with Cobham? Or were you actually with QLink and could transfer to long haul internally?

  • Except the fact that you should be based in Dubai and that MJ is working for them, would you like to work for Emirates ? Like, do you think it's a good airline (especially as flight attendant) ?

  • I enjoy your your videos as you know and like when you explain the position you work on your flights and what that entails. It's sort of balances out your shopping for snacks, cronuts, shoes and tight jeans with holes in them! HA! Just kidding. I enjoy all the 'mechanics' of getting to the airports, from the airports to the hotel, and the details of being a flight attendant. Why is that place's bolognese so good to you and Fabia? Describe it.

  • Add me to the list of folks who like hearing your position on the flight and some information on the flight’s operation. I’m so envious of the puppy playtime — what a stress reliever that would be!

  • Thanks very much for sharing your great video, I like to return and visit your great channel all the time, regard!

  • Crew life looks so fun!!! Have you ever though about continuing on from SIN and continuing to LHR? I heard there's a direct flight that stops in SIN before continuing onwards.

    Those crodos you crave are actually originally from New York – made by this famous baker Dominique Ansel and called "Cronuts." They are really popular and people line up for it at his bakeries in LA and NY. The ones in Asia are sort of just copycats..

  • I love your channel Kyle you're so naturally funny!! I fly for Emirates and just started vlogging too! Check out my channel i'd love to know what you think and maybe next time you're in Dubai we can catch up! xx

  • One thing I think you have to your advantage… the destinations you serve… Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York… you need to "meet the people" somehow or find a niche or a thing in Australia you enjoy and emulate it in those cities; ( I guess in my case anything art related would be something I would enjoy, new galleries, visiting artists)… build some relationships with a hobby you like.. I get it though you are supposed to relax and get ready for the return home.. but you travel to some of the wealthiest cities on earth; top-tier… I would try to take advantage of it.. New York and Los Angeles are very short trips for me since I live in the US.. but my what an advantage of actually visiting Southeast Asia on a weekly basis.. its incredibly far and expensive (most of the time) from the United States… Europe is/has been pretty cheap here regularly as well (flight wise, but kind of expensive in the lodging sector).. but in some regards geography helps tremendously…just seeing you doing the same thing/going to the same places.. I am like….gosh what an opportunity that would be in my eyes. so although it is routine for you; it probably isn't the norm for the average person..

  • I love hearing the bit at the start it’s really interesting!! I have a question: Do you operate the flight back in the same position as you did going there?

  • new subscriber to your channel and I really enjoy your content. I am also a sucker for puppies!!! keep up the great work, Kyal!!!

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