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Cathay Pacific ECONOMY Class: CX174 ADL-HKG (2018)

Written by Ariel

WELCOME to my 15th flight in 2018. On 29th June, I flew Cathay Pacific flight CX174 from Adelaide to Hong Kong in economy class. The operating aircraft was an A330-300. Overall, it was a good trip back home with Cathay!

Cathay Pacific flies 5 times weekly to Adelaide. It will soon increase its frequency to 6 times weekly. Cathay Pacific is the only airline serving this route. However, many people do fly with Qantas and Singapore Airlines with a stop.

Some useful information:
Airline: Cathay Pacific (CX)
Flight number: CX174
Aircraft type: Airbus A330-300
Aircraft registration number: B-LAC
Origin: Adelaide Airport (ADL / YPAD)
Destination: Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport (HKG / VHHH)
Flight date: 29-07-2018
Meal: Breakfast and lunch
Seat: 46A
Flight duration: 8 hours

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  • From what I have heard the younger A330s will be getting the Vector Y+ seat – the same as the one onboard the A350-1000

  • Wow….what a nice review of CX! It seems the A330 is the main workhorse and the main backbone of the airline.

  • When your flying to Adelaide in October how come it’s Hong Kong airlines and Virgin rather than HKG-SYD-ADL, rather your going via Cairns and Brisbane

  • I think it shouldn't be compulsory to close the window shade. Everybody has the right to watch out of the window. If sb would ask me to close the window shade I'd say sorry but I like watching out of the window. And than say Next time swim or take a bus.

  • Thank-you so very much for sharing your flight with us. I enjoyed it thoroughly. To answer your question about making it mandatory to close the window shade(s) on a flight, my opinion is no. I have a variety of reasons, but as a whole, we all have to tolerate each other's idiosyncrasies and apparent quirks. Personally, I truly dislike having to overhear someone speaking on their cell phone and crying babies. But, I have learned to shut out distractions. Anyway, in short, this is my opinion.

    Again, thank-you for your post. I look forward to viewing your next video with great enthusiasm.

  • You are such an incredible reviewer Jayden and nothing less. Everyday i wake up anticipated for another video and you refuse to let me down with these amazing reviews. You were the one who inspired me and you still do! Keep up the incredible work. and let's keep in contact.

  • Awesome video! On another note, Qantas announced that they will be sending their 787 to Hong Kong later this year! You should try that out!

  • wow, niceeeee~ Can I ask you that when the cabin crew see you are use your devices to shoot video, did they said anything with you? Just because a lot of the safety video said that you can’t use any device during take off or landing.. I will be shoot my first review video on Monday~ ( which is Aug 6) I have a little afraid that when I am shoot video in the aircraft, the cabin crew with talk to me to say” Please dong’t use the devices” or whatever..

  • I think the window issue can be argued either way. And after all, anyone who wants to sleep can always slip a face mask on. I have noticed that when people lift the windows open the FAs pop over and ask them to close it. But I always go for aisle seats, so I have never been tempted to lift it up even though I enjoy looking out. I find that being able to see out reduces my sense of claustrophobia. Personally, I cannot sleep on aeroplanes. Thank you for the video!

  • Some people may deliberately choose to sit by the window to enjoy the view. Some airlines even incur a seat selection cost, so I feel that if someone wants to keep the window open to look out, I suppose they have every right to do so.

  • Excellent video mate! The A330 is still a joy to fly on! Though I wouldn't want to fly on it long hual…

  • Are you exited when Airbus finally produce A340 NEO and Cathay buy that plane ? I think that will be great ! (BTW I live in Hong Kong)

  • Great video. Cathay always have good meals. It's really upto flight attendants to advise passengers to pull down shades during the flight, some passengers may want to see the views outside but when they're not viewing they should pull down the shades (common courtesy).

  • Fantastic flight report, enjoyed watching your videos and your narration are always interesting.
    Very straight forward.

    Keep it up, hope to see more videos from you in the future.

  • Cathay's economy seat width on the 333s should be 18.1 inches. 18.5 inches is for the 777 family in 3-3-3 configuration.

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