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Chase Closing Canadian Credit Cards (Amazon Rewards Visa & Marriott Rewards Premier Visa)

Written by Ariel

Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Credit Card will be closing Canadian operations and so is Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card. Marriott Rewards Premier Visa was the only travel credit card in Canada with no foreign currency transaction charges in addition to the exchange rate.

There are 2 other No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards mentioned in this video that are currently available.

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  • I’ve been using Amazon rewards credit card for 3 years. Very good and useful CC. I’ve received the same letter, and I’m not happy about that. Chase has very good range of credit cards in states, but unfortunately here in Canada we don’t access to many choices. We don’t even have a very good Travel Credit Card, which can compete or at least be the same with one of cards in American Market. Greedy business here want to offer customers products that they like, which is always work for them. I keep my eyes to see what gonna happens; then if I find a good card, I’d apply for. By the way, Ahmed, can you please let us know by closing chase CC what would happen regarding our credit score? Any negative impact? Thought? Thanks for your video. PJ from Calgary!

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