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Chungking mansions is located in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), just jump out metro station C1 and look accross the road and there it is. I give you a tour and some of the most budget friendly guesthouses in the city ! TST is located close to all the major attractions and it is super easy to travel by metro to see almost everything you wish ! Pair public transport with street food snacks and supermarket bites and you’ve got yourself an easy and budget friendly adventure in hong kong.

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  • It was a great video. I've been in Hong Kong for years and never had the guts to go in Chung King Mansion because of its bad reputation. Btw, while you were there, did you notice any stores that sell henna?

  • good for currency exchange on the ground floor. Also indian food and dvd's etc. The building itself is probably not safe. God help people if there was a fire. I remember there used to be a lot of people waiting for the lift.

  • You want a good hotel wortht he price? Try M1 North Point, I tried it before, its not bad, and very new actually

  • Travel tips: For hostels or guesthouses that have a few apartments in a mansion, you can check their licensed addresses from the office of licensing authority of Hong Kong:
    If you want to know the size of each apartment of the hostel or guesthouse, you can check the centaline property website:
    By typing the name of the building (e.g. ABC building, just type ABC and search). Then click the “16 years transaction” icon and you will get the size of each apartment.
    You can check the number of beds available by going to different OTA websites (e.g. booking or agoda). You just need 3 to 5 minutes to complete the steps and you can have more information about the guesthouses or hostels.

  • wow, I used to go to this exact building to exchange money while working in HK. Never imagined that the top part was accommodation inns.

  • I ain't trying to scare you, some rapes were reported in this building before, stay away from the stairway and lock the hotel room

  • Excellent vid! I was just in Hong Kong and heard stories about this place. Chose the holiday inn instead. Cheers fellow travel vlogger- Just subbed.

  • The place is full of pushy Indians trying to sell you crap. It's a total dump. After a while just started telling them to fuck off.
    I stayed at the Apple Hostel. It was a total dump and super cramped.
    Park In looks way nicer than the place I stayed at.
    Pay the extra and get a room to yourself. You will be glad you did.

  • Great video. Thanks. I was wondering whether you can recommend me something okayisch (aorund 8000 HKD pm) for a 3 month-stay. I'll be doing an exchange in HK and my classes are taking place on HK Island. Many thanks!

  • I stayed at the Apple Hostel back in February. The woman seen in the video has worked for the family [running the hostel] for twenty years. For the price I was happy and would go back. The family that runs it was very nice.

    IMO everyone needs to stay at the Chungking Mansion at least once in their life. I felt safer their than many places in NYC or Boston.

  • i have stayed in Chungking Mansions many times, always at the Apple in B block on the 10th floor, the staff are lovely and so friendly. It was so good to see them in your video. I highly recommend them for a good inexpensive place to stay in Hong Kong.

  • You did awful with this showing of the places of how you talk, please do more research on a place before you go to it. You could of done it much better if you sounded like you knew anything smh

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