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China completes longest railway tunnel in Georgia

Written by Ariel

The construction of the longest tunnel in Georgia was completed on May 27, laying foundation for the future operation of the whole line. The project will be an indispensable part of the Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe Railway route under the Belt and Road Initiative. It is expected to be accomplished in 2020. It will reduce travel time to three hours and twenty minutes from Tbilisi to the country’s second-largest city Batumi.

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  • Chinese created jobs and opportunities for Georgia men that why you see them working on this project on other hands India and white men are envy of China 100% positive.

  • Hope China does not have to much "stranded" costs.A color revolution here a color revolution thereā€¦..

  • Wow !!! I am proud to be Chinese. Good night, America. Good morning, China. May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

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  • Meanwhile;
    USA is building a wall on their borders facing Mexico.
    CHINA is bullying other SEA countries.
    FRANCE, GERMANY, and UK being invaded, silently.

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