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China says no talks are possible while US issues threats

Written by Ariel

US President Donald Trump has tweeted that he saw an end to the dispute, however China says trade talks with the United States are “impossible” under current conditions. Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang blamed Washington for the tension.

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  • China should go ahead with the tariffs even if Trump backs off. Let them beg in the end just like the Hainan spy plane incident

  • Don,t trust Americrooks they are master manipulator and back stabber too.. China try to help on N.K for nothing so please don,t be so naive.

  • More than 90 percent of the world countries find it is very difficult to deal with the United snake who keep on spilling their poison and lies

  • Donald duck trump has toned done his threat because he finally realised that a Trade War with China has failed big time. I bet the hindu trolls soon going to throw tantrums.

  • .. why you are depending on American markets go and sell your dollar 2 phoney products in Africa… we don't like Chinese… however Nigeria has sent back 5 containers of china made ladies bra and underwear because its only suitable for Chinese women who don't have boobs and bum….

  • It's going to get a lot worse. This trade war crap has nothing to with intellectual theft or trade imbalance. The US cannot allow China to dump the petro dollar. The US destroyed Iraq and Libya over the petro dollar. Every since Russia dumped the petro dollar, the US has had a cold war with Russia. Now that China has dumped the petro dollar, the US now has a cold war with China. The sooner China and Russia realize they are at war with the petro dollar the better.

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