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cost of living in hong kong food prices – supermarkets and markets –Here i take you guys shopping ! Join me as i show you the prices of food products, both imported products, produce and local Chinese also.
I take you to the 4 main supermarket chains that i think can be found in most areas of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and in the New Territories (you may not find a Marks and Spencer in NT).
*This is not things i personally every really purchase – as i eat vegan/plant based foods – however, with so many people asking me different costs of various food types i included everything in this video to be more helpful to more people.

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  • Great video but just a suggestion to leave out that track in the background (not sure who sings it but the original was Tracy Chapman) would have been better.

  • thank you so much i like your all video miss jasmine next month im visit to Hong Kong i live in south Korea i what know any cheapest hotel in chungking mansion area if face book i what add as your fan & thank you

  • OMG 26HK$ for my favorite brand of Kettle Chips???? Well I guess it works out to be the same price in Canadian $ believe it or not.

  • each time i visit hong kong my wallet gets empty in a few days.. extremley expensive place.. no value for money at all.. the food specially is really expensive.

  • I would go to Chaing Mai Thialand it's so much cheaper there and so nice. Don't go February and March that's when the Farmers burn the rice fields and the air is full of smoke. But any other time and it's fantast.

  • Jasons Marketplace is a relatively higher end supermarket here that sells a lot more imported goods while Wellcome and Park'n'shop is more "local". So choose where you shop when you are here 🙂

  • This is such an informative video…
    you should do this for all cities you have lived in,
    it give a perfect idea for people planning to move or just go for a budgeted vacation there…

  • Buying in the markets is almost as expensive as in Europe in HK but the restaurants are seriously cheaper than where i live (Finland). Buying form street markets in places like Sham Shui Po is cheap as well.

  • Thanks for video Jasmine, coming for a week in September. Can you give me a few price's ideas for alcohol : beers and <hard liquor> and where to get it the cheapest. Love watching your videos.

  • hi, may i know with the salary of 23k hkd per month is it able to survive in hk? how would be the life of that salary i got?

  • Hi Nomad Girl! I said again I like you…….. and I like your presentation! Success I invite you in my country Romania! A beautiful Coutry! You can see a lot a wonderfull things! Good Luck Jasmine!

  • Great video Jasmine, the difference in price between import & local produce is shocking. I'd love to see a video about the Cantonese language for English speakers.

  • I'm from Hong Kong and I'm glad you enjoy being here:) The video is accurate:) Local veggies and fruits are cheap here, I just can't stand the high prices of foreign food, they're so darn expensive and sometimes hard to find!

  • I lived in H.K for two years. Lived on Lamma Island. I found food to be really cheap as long as you didn't buy products that you'd find in your home countries. I see that hasn't changed.

  • Thanks for another awesome video. I have been in HK for a month now and your videos were so helpful with my move & what to expect in HK. Keep up the great work! 😀

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