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MY HONG KONG MONTHLY EXPENSES – LIVING ON A BUDGET IF you have any questions just pop a comment below or shout out to me on social media 😀

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Mong kok share apartment (8000hkd each, 16,000 for whole apartment)

My prince edward apartment 6000 not sharing but very small

my lohas park apartment (Tseung kwan o)




20 FREE attractions & things to do in Hong Kong blog post and FREE PDF DOWNLOAD

Sportswear Outlets Kwan Tong video

My tiny apartment in Hong Kong (smaller than a tiny house)

Mong Kok Attractions DIY walking tour

Sneaker Street (yes brand name shoe stores filling a full street)




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  • Your video is very helpful , I am planning on moving to hong kong next year! Very useful vlog. Thank you Jasmine 🙂

  • I never heard of people ordering meat from outside. That sounds straight up kinda dumb. the local meat is just fine. So they rather have frozen month old (sometimes years old) meat, sausages and packaged chemical hamburgers, then fresh local meat. Do these people also know the meat inside hamburgers, hotdogs and sausages are also made from those pig snouts, ears, asses, tongues, mouths, eyes, the meat stuck between the spinal cord, neck, the skin and the fats etc? I mean they dunt use kobe beef for hamburgers, u know. and yea, it sounds gross, it taste even grosser. So they add tons of sugar, BBQ sause, salt, pepper, and all kinds of chemicals to make it so the hamburgers can be consumed safely even years after. Thats why people get fat from eating them.

    U know if u eat in a restaurant, they use local produce aka local meat aswell? So why is that safe but consuming local meat is not? I just buy from the local butchers who usually have roasted ducks, BBQ pork and stuff hanging on the windows. U order straight up from these guys, they grab a piece of roasted duck, chop it in pieces and put in a box. Many locals buy it this way and saves u tons of moniez.

    Or u culd eat in a restaurant. A simple restaurant, or local tai pai tong kinda stalls will set u back around 100 HKD. Depending on what u order. But assuming some protein like duck or pork, ur prolly looking around 100-120 HKD.

    Also mcdonalds in HK, is the cheapest mcdonalds in the whole world. I dunt know why but fuck me, a big mac menu sets u back only around 5,50 euros or something (would be 10 euros in europe).

    The portions does seem a little smaller but not that much (like around 10% smaller).

    edit: also sushi in fancy supermarkets have some mighty attractive prices. u can buy whole boxes of seafood/ sushi. Something like 5 euros gets u a whole box of salmon slices. big juicy plumpy salmon slices with fat. when I was in HK, I ate a ton of that shit.

    Its salmon right, what culd possibly be wrong with it. Well turns out norway salmon is one of the most toxic foods in the world. So next time Im in HK, Ill prolly skip the salmon. Like 90% of salmon worldwide is from norway anyway.
    But if u dunt care, u can buy a ton of sushi, japanese BBQ chicken and stuff for very low prices.

  • Ciao Jasmine! great info shared 🙂 I would like to ask you if you have/can share some info related to the salaries from financial services sector? Is difficult to live in HK only with English? Chinese & Cantonese are a must? I know that there is a big expat community, but maybe without knowing the local language can be difficult. Thanks a lot and wish you a great day!

  • One of the rarest topics about Hong Kong, if you do a quick search on Youtube. Many people are afraid talking about money!!! Especially among couples

  • Hey Jasmine, I throughly enjoyed your videos on Hong Kong as it's been my favorite city growing up. It certainly has many attractions that you cannot find anywhere else in the world in such a small area. Many people are drawn to it for different reasons. Are you attracted to the city because of its era of former British influence or because of its liveliness and its people? I'm a little curious.

  • Could you tell a bit about job opportunities in Hong Kong? Is it easy to get a job or switch jobs as a non-Cantonese speaking "foreigner"?

  • This is so helpful, Im planning to move to hk for work. Thank you so much!!! Hoping for more videos about hk!!! God bless u more 🙂

  • Hi keep up the nice work. I lived in sheung wan for 5 years and moved out a year ago but back in hkg every quarter. Love to meet and buy you a coffee as a Thank You

  • I moved to HK from the UK and to me HK is very expensive in some regards (rent etc), but VERY cheap in others. The transport is years ahead of the UK and a great price, back in the UK I would spend 7000£ annually on transport from my city to London but in HK the cost is non existent in comparison….

  • My electricity bill living in Shoreditch London is £300 per month. They claim it's because I am an American which is total BS!

  • Your video is really good and far more realistic than these immigrants saying that rent is typically $15,000 and a meal out is $500. However I must add tap water in Hong Kong is actually the cleanest in the world. I am unsure why so many people think it is not safe.

    To compare my monthly spending is $12,000 – $13,000. Of course, you cannot forget your taxes and MPF commitments. MPF is 5%, tax is 15% (30% in your first year).

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