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DANGEROUS noodles | ULTIMATE NOODLE tour in Tainan, Taiwan | Taiwanese street food tour |

Written by Ariel

We take you on a NOODLE tour of TAINAN, a city widely regarded as TAIWAN’s culinary capital. We’re out to find the best noodles in Tainan- from the famous Danzai noodles, to noodles made from fish to swamp eel noodles. Make sure you’re subscribed to our channel so you don’t miss out on heaps more food videos!

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Our first bowl of noodles are from a stall which is really popular in Tainan. They serve squid and rice noodles in a subtle, light broth. The squid is very tender and the rice noodles are thick and springy whilst the broth has a hint of sweetness. It’s a good start to our noodle hunt but we’re after something punchier in flavour next.

Enter the famous Danzai noodles. Known as Peddler Pole Noodles or slack season noodles, Danzai noodles were once peddled by a fisherman during the monsoon season as a way to make money. He would peddle them from two buckets strung on a pole which he’d bear across his shoulders. Danzai noodles are made up of wheat noodles, braised pork mince, an iron egg (an egg which has been braised in spices and soy and air dried until it’s hard and chewy), poached shrimp and a pork meatball in a flavoursome broth. The broth is made from stewing prawn heads for hours and you can taste the strong, vibrant flavour of the seafood in each slurp.

Onwards to the most unusual bowl of noodles we found. Fish paste noodles served dry style with shredded lettuce and seaweed. The texture of the noodles was really unusual- almost crunchy. We added a dollop of chilli oil to these and it really upped the ante.

Our final noodles are really famous in Tainan- eel noodles. Piles of bloody, filleted swamp eel are draped on an upturned basket at these restaurants, ready for cooking. Raw eel blood is in fact toxic to humans and only through cooking are these toxins neutralised so that they’re safe to eat. We sample two kinds of noodles- dry fried cooked with an egg noodle and wet with the egg noodle in a broth thickened with potato starch. The eel has a slightly slimy texture but not unpleasant and the noodles are rich tasting with a great bite.

Our favourites? The eel noodles for Thomas and the Danzai noodles for Sheena!

Where and what we ate:

Squid noodles at 邱家小卷米粉, No. 5, Section 3, Guohua St, West Central District, Tainan City, 700. Open 11:00am to 5:00pm. Closed Wednesday.

Danzai noodles at 台南度小月担仔面, No. 216號, Section 2, Minzu Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 700. Open 10:00am to 10:00pm. Closed Tuesday.

Fish noodles at No. 353號, Section 1, Fuqian Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 700. Google says they’re closed Sundays but when we went on Saturday they were closed and when we returned on Sunday they were open…

Eel noodles at 二哥炒鱔魚, No. 33之3, Section 3, Hai’an Road, North District, Tainan City, 704. Open 4:30pm to 1:00am. Closed Wednesday.

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  • Hi guys, we went hunting for the best bowl of NOODLES in Tainan in this video! What did you think of those bloody swamp eels? Pretty impressive right?! Hope you enjoy this one guys. Follow our travels along in real time over on Instagram @chasingaplate Thanks for all the support- you guys rock! Cheers,Thomas & Sheena

  • The swamp eels definitely look really scary! You guys are so brave to even try it. Be careful not to get sick and keep the content coming!

    P.S. Sheena looked really tired at the end of the video. I hope both of you are OK!

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