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Exploring Tangier and Marrakesh and Travelling on an Overnight Train Morocco || MOROCCO TRAVEL VLOG

Written by Ariel

In this video we continue exploring Morocco with Intrepid, this time travelling to Tangier and then on to Marrakesh. This is our experience of Tangier morocco and Marrakech.

We loved visiting Morocco it has been one of the best travel experiences for us.

Before you start watching this Morocco travel vlog, we would highly recommend you check out our previous Morocco vlogs first. This Tangier travel vlog mixed with the Marrakech vlog was edited a little bit differently to some of our other videos, we don’t want to do the same thing with every video, we have tried to edit them differently to other vloggers in Morocco. We hope you have enjoyed them so please let us know what you think of this style.

We also hope you have enjoyed the rest of the travel vlogs on our channel. If you haven’t already seen them, go watch our previous videos from Hong Kong, Vietnam, London, Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon.

This is the last of our Morocco vlogs, we hope you have enjoyed them, we would also highly rate intrepid travel in morocco, we had such a great experience with them.

We are WANDERWALKERS, Australian travel vloggers, Kayleigh June and Daniel Walker. We are currently on a three and a half month trip around world.

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