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Gen. Anthony Tata on President Xi’s power grab

Written by Ariel

China’s Communist Party makes moves to amend the country’s constitution and scrap presidential term limits; reaction from retired U.S. Army Gen. Anthony Tata, author of ‘Direct Fire.’

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  • Italy may be the first country to get uncucked. UK, German, French, Swedish and many other cuckolded sissies should take notice. TRUMP

  • That stupidiot Mr. Hussain trade deficit and economy surrender policies made those anti-American countries rich and strong like now. His 8 years tenure administration was a series of never ending disaster!

  • Couple +Ohio Class* nuclear subamarines empty all their nukes on Red China's government offices and -Viola ! – President Xi's term is *terminated*.

  • China is collapsing, wait to see it in Feb 2019, there will be explosions on streets everyday. Take over the place of USA? No, Chinese never want to be the pain in ass of so many other countries.

  • Communism sees it's opportunity
    to build an alliance….
    I am concerned about Kim.J's
    Swiss training in Razzle Dazzle
    as a diversionary tactic.

  • any time a country has done this, it ends badly for them. or war. its almost the same as declaration of martial law and take power of all parts of the country, in china its important to know that the military are all different parts and NOT unified under one control. so what this move does is take control of all the different parts. but this will end badly for china and i suspect they will end up in a civil war of their own. i know for a fact that these other military parties will not cooperate as one. they get orders all the time to move them from place to place in china so they dont have time to make friends with the locals they are in control of, this way the troops will not have any contact or feeling towards the population so they will not mind firing on their own people since they will not have time to build any. while i was in china i paid very close attention to this issue. i have seen the military move into a town and close off the entire town, then on the news you hear that the population had the N1H1 virus. but this was not true, the town was surrounded to cut them off from towns next door because they was forming groups to create their own anti CCP life and pull away from the grip of the CCP. in china you must have special car license plates or permits to travel from city to city. at the main roads in and out are guards who check to make sure your allowed to enter the city, and on the 4 lane highways there are no cars. the highways are empty. the highways that connect cities are empty of traffic, i had to get down and hide in the car to get past the guard to enter a city. i didnt exactly have all my documents in order with me. i was in a car owned by a power plant employee who had authorization for travel from plant to plant and i was going to visit people at the plant that i know, so i was going to a very restricted area where your not allowed. to my surprise the place was empty, the big 4 story office building on the power plant property land was empty. old sun faded window blinds in the windows drooping from sun exposure, i had the entire place almost to myself, i was in the main circuit breaker room and i got to take photos of employee codes and see how to shut the entire place down. and cause a nice black out and i know the plant security. i know the entrance walls and the security is very limited, so if you want to take over the country just let me know, and i will tell you how to toss them into darkness. and there are no security cameras, holy crap, and help for them is over 1 hour away. i went places no white man should go in china,

  • Typical FOX! Start off by bashing Obama! She quickly implies that this is not the case and never mentions Obama! This show couldn't get anymore scripted

  • Actually prefer president XI and president Putin as rulers because they place interests of their country first. Unlike Obama, Hillary, Bush, who sold off country assets to stuff their pockets with gold. Like president Trump also for the same reason; America first. Time for rulers to up build countries and negotiate what is best for all human beings and stop the sandbox mentality of my father is better then your father.

  • you idiot just forget who has initiated the south China sea dispute, Mr. Obama, surprise surprise. and you may never heard about the re-balance of the Asia strategy either, guess who made imitated this strategy? again President Obama!!!

  • 2:10 lol the person that voted against it was xi jinping himself(to appear humble) … you know that right? plse do more research next time foxnews.

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