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Grizzly Gulch A Runaway Adventure – Hong Kong Disneyland – Audience Response

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Grizzly Gulch is a themed land at Hong Kong Disneyland. It is the parks equivalent to Frontierland.

It is much smaller compared to the Frontierland’s of other Disney Parks, featuring only one ride, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. This rollercoaster attraction is a variation of the “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad” attractions found at other Disney Parks, featuring special ride elements unique to this attraction, including backward portions, and a high-speed launch section.

Grand Opening Ceremony: July 13, 2012
Opening date: July 14, 2012

Attractions and entertainment:
Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
Geyser Gulch
Grizzly Gulch Welcome Wagon Show

Restaurants and refreshments:
The Lucky Nugget Saloon

Bear Necessities
Meetable characters
Mickey and Minnie
Chip and Dale
Kenai and Koda

The Wildest Ride in the West!
Streak through a mountain, plummet downhill and zip around a legendary gold mining town—forward and backward!

Venture inside the Big Grizzly Mountain Mining Company building, erected in the early days of California’s Gold Rush. Amid flickering kerosene lanterns, wander past a dusty sawmill, rusty prospectors’ lockers and the cluttered workshop of the chief geologist before boarding a mysterious mine car waiting to take you on an excursion inside the old mountain.

Hang Onto Your Hats!
Hurl forward into the darkness of a tunnel as your train’s wheels chug back and forth across a winding track. Make your way past a family of friendly bears—rumored to have led to the discovery of gold in the mountain—and swoop around inside a barren canyon. Without warning, veer off-course and dart down into a perilous mine shaft—the result of a bear who scratched his itchy back on the track switch—before picking up speed and peeling out into the woods.

Gaining momentum, your mine car is sent racing up a steep rocky incline; but before it can make it to the top, a cable unexpectedly snaps and sends you barreling—backward—down the mountain! Tumble through dimly lit tunnels in reverse and stumble past jagged caverns before speeding into a TNT storage cave, where a mama bear and her cub are unwittingly perched dangerously close to a pile of explosives.

Will the dynamite ignite and blast you out of the mountain? They don’t call it “runaway mine cars” for nothing!

The Story of Big Grizzly Mountain:
Legend has it that the mountain is home to not only a gold mine but also to the 3 bears that led to its discovery. According to local lore, a resident by the name of Captain Cosgrove was out enjoying the mountain scenery when he noticed 3 bears scratching their backs on the craggy rocks. After the bears retired to their cave inside the mountain, the Captain suddenly noticed a sparkle in the rocks. The scratching had exposed gold underneath! Captain Cosgrove immediately staked his claim, and the Big Grizzly Mountain Mining Company was born.

Bear In Mind
Nobody is allowed to bother the bears—dubbed Rocky, Mother Lode and Nugget—because of the good fortune they brought to Gower Gulch. But the bears have been known to create a little havoc once in a while. It’s not uncommon to hear about a mine car that’s gotten loose because of something the bears unwittingly did… or to hear an unexpected explosion deep in the mountain. So prospectors are encouraged to beware: When the bears are hibernating, all is well. But when they wake up—look out! Anything can happen.

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