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Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster Construction Update

Written by Ariel

Construction continues on Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, but the ride appears to be nearly complete. The track work appears complete, and the attraction looks fantastic. This one-of-a-kind thrill machine should open early in the summer of 2018 and should provide quite a lot of thrills to enthusiasts of all ages.

Coaster Addict Gerson stopped by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to see what’s new on the construction site. Stay tuned for even more updates in the coming days and weeks as the SkyWarp attraction is sure to open to the public in the very near future.

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  • You might want to put a sock over your mic to act as a pop filter. It's not great but it definitely helps.

    This ride looks super dope and I want to see just how much it gets customized throughout different installations. Hopefully it isn't cloned exactly. That would be an absolute waste of this new technology.

  • Gotta say, this ride doesn't excite me. Why? What really makes this so different from a larson superloop? However, this was just their first of this style. It's also running on a rail made by RMC, correct me if I am wrong. The added capacity is also a good idea. Having seen two more designs for "Eclipse" with a dive loop, and "Horizon" with a in-line twist and just a little hill over it, interested in what more they can come up with that may run similiar but really are different from the classic carnival ride. Let this prototype be successful others can be built.

  • You're the first person I've seen covering this ride. I live on the East coast, but I'm still interested. Btw, please invest in a pop filter. It'll make your listeners happy!

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