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Has Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights Lost Its Shine? FULL SHOW

Written by Ariel

I’ve seen this show a few times now over the years. The first was back in 2007, the thumbnail for this video was taken in 2015, the show in this video was taken February 2017. Over the years the buildings involved have been less and less. There is a large section in the middle of the skyline without any lights on at all. The only buildings that seem to be involved are the ones around the Bank of China Tower. The lasers and spot lights are cool but only really stand out if there is a slight mist in the air.

I’m a big fan of skyscrapers and also lighting (my job is a lighting technician) so it should really be something that I would want to see again and again, but unfortunately that is no longer the case. I feel like this light show needs a massive upgrade to make it more current and to get more buildings involved.

I would definitely recommend seeing the skyline at night (and also day)but only seeing this show if you’re already in the area and not got much else to do. This is a free event so that’s a plus but I don’t understand why this still gets rated so high in all the guide books. Hopefully this show will get an upgrade soon and be once again the shining star for Hong Kong.

This is only my opinion. Others may love it.

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