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[HD] Toilet Restaurant – Unique Bathroom-themed Restaurant

Written by Ariel

[HD] Real life Toilet Themed Restaurant. The Bathroom/restroom themed Restaurant was the first of its kind in America. Urinals and toilets are located throughout the restaurant. Poo while you eat restaurant. Food are served in toilet-shaped bowl.

It was America’s First Themed Bathroom/Restroom Restaurant Cafe in Los Angeles. Sadly, it was only opened for a couple of months before it went out of business.

Magic Restroom Cafe was located in Los Angeles County in the city of Rowland Heights on Gale Ave.

Video was recorded back in October 2013. Decided to post it, so people can know there used to be an actual toilet restaurant in Los Angeles.

America’s First Toilet-Themed Restaurant. First Toilet Restaurant in L.A.

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