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HKDL Frozen Land construction progress seen on Toy Solider Parachute Drop (July 21st, 2018)

Written by Ariel

Here’s another video about the latest expansion progress of Hong Kong Disneyland. After half a year, Frozen Land’s construction progress has seem begun! The construction site can be seen from Toy Solider Parachute Drop in Toy Story Land. But not every time the cast memebers will allow me to record. Luckily, this time they let! Or let’s say, they may not have noticed. They don’t allow phones, but they do allow cameras, I think. This time, I found cranes and sand over the Frozen Land location and all the fireworks cannons for Disney in the Stars have been removed! Also, something else is under construction near Toy Story Land, beyond Frozen Land? Another attraction? Toy Story Mania? What do you think? Let me know in the comments! Hope you enjoy this video. Frozen Land – opening in 2021. Remember to like this video and subscribe my channel!

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