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HONG KONG 24 Hours Travel Guide | 11 Best Things YOU MUST DO

Written by Ariel

First time in Hong Kong? This is my Hong Kong Guide , things to do and what to do in 24 Hours or one day. In this episode we will explore 11 things you must do in Hong Kong and experience. I do weekly travel and food adventure – join us β–ΊSubscribe –

In order these are my Hong Kong Travel Guide – The 11 Things to do in Hong Kong in one day or 24 hours are my recommendation Travel Guide for those with short time in Hong Kong and want to get the best out of their trip – these were some of the things we did too

1. Experience Cha Chaan Teng ( A Hong Kong Local Cafe)
2. Experience the view towards victoria harbour from the Star Ferry Terminal
3. Pair it up with a coffee from arabica % – as an avid coffee lover this is one of the best also in Japan
4. Take the Ferry towards central to have another vantage viewpoint towards victoria harbour aboard the ferry
5. Walk/Take The Tram/Cab towards Victoria Peak – the highest peak in Hong Kong and enjoy a breathtaking view down into Hong Kong island
6. Check Out the Mid Level Escalators – Worlds Longest Outdoor but covered escalator (around 800 meters in length)
7. Have a local lunch at Tsim Chai Kee for their famous Wonton Noodle (Michelin Recommended Spot)
8. Lang Fong Yuen – In hong kong you have to try their milk tea and we met a local who recommended us to try this – absolutely bliss and quite the hit too as you can see from Helmi’s reaction
9. Walk around Lan Kwai Fong – you can shop / drink and enjoy an afternoon stroll – lots of expat come here on friday night for drinks
10. Head to Wan Chai – Kam’s Roast Goose restaurant – a 1 michelin star restaurant for thier famous mouthwatering goose – its worth waiting in line
11. Enjoy the symphony of lights around 8pm around Hong Kong harbour

12 – Head to the tallest rooftop bar in the world “Ozone” and experience the aerial view of Hong Kong light show (including the symphony of lights) from level 118 of the Ritz Carlton Hotel

If we missed anything do let us know – we are sure to be back here πŸ™‚ and cover more fantastic food and travel experience which we hope benefits you in making your travel itinerary a lot more fun.

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Hope you enjoy our Hong Kong one day travel guide / Hong Kong Overnight Guide – enjoy your time in hong kong

Australia Dairy Company
Address: 47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong
Tips: You must try the Scrambled Egg at the Australia Dairy Company

% Arabica Hong Kong Star Ferry
Address: KP-41, Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Star Ferry Terminal
Address: Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui
Cost: 2-4 HKD

The Peak Tram Station
Address: Central, Hong Kong (Corner of Garden Rd and Cotton Tree Dr)
Tram Cost: 37 HKD Single Ride, 52 HKD Return
Taxi: Approximately 55 HKD One Way
Walk/Running: Free

The Peak Sky Terrace 428
Address: Hong Kong, 1 Lugard Road, The Peak
Cost : 52 HKD

Central Mid Level Escalators
Location: Jubilee St, Central, Hong Kong

Tsim Chai Kee
Address: 98 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong
(Michelin Guide Recommended Restaurant)
Tips: Try the Wonton Noodle & Fishball Noodle Soup

Lan Fong Yuen
2 Gage St, Central, Hong Kong
Tips: Must try the Milk Tea (voted one of the best by Hong Kong Local)

Lan Kwai Fong
Address: Central, Hong Kong
Tips: Best place to have a drink, great nightlife and also to eat and shop

Kam’s Roast Goose – Michelin Star Restaurant
Popular Cantonese restaurant drawing crowds for its signature roast goose & char siu (BBQ pork).
Address: Hong Kong, Wan Chai, Hennessy Rd, 226θ™Ÿεœ°δΈ‹ Po Wah Commercial Centre
Tips: Long Queue on Popular Dining Hours – but well worth it

The Symphony of Lights
Is a light and sound show that takes place every night at 8:00 pm and lasts about 10 minutes. This is a FREE show.
The stage is the entire city, which is what makes it so unique, you can watch the lights from just about anywhere in the waterfront but the best views are from the Tsim Sha Tsui side with the Hong Kong Island skyline in view.

Ozone Bar
Ozone is the Highest rooftop bar in the world and gives a spectacular view towards Victoria harbour from tsim sha tsui side.
Address: Ritz Carlton Hotel (Level 118) – 1 Austin Rd W, West Kowloon, Hong Kong

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