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Hong Kong: A Better Life is Waiting

Written by Ariel

Sorry about my shaking hands!

I was in Hong Kong for four months and in the last two or so, every week I would take that walk (in the last half of the video) and/or go to that coffee shop twice, maybe three times a week. It was a walk there, or another walk along the promenade somewhere else. I would literally sit at that coffee shop people watching, reading or writing for hours then go and take that walk and take the long way back to the apartment just to watch the city and to clear my mind. (Either that, or fall asleep on the bus, which happens more often that I’d like to admit!) Either way, it was a constant reminder to me at how beautiful the city is. It wasn’t till I was editing this video till I remembered the other half, the mountains and amazing scenery outside of the city.

It’s a beautiful place to be, and I definitely miss the night-time walks and hot chocolates! Still, it’s good to be back! …. To rainy freezing cold Dublin!

There’s also a video I made from Thailand but since I made it with a program I wasn’t use to and pretty much had no idea what I was doing, I’m thinking of re-doing it. If I do, I will the link here and put an annotation in the video too!

Anyway, if you read all this, thanks!! 🙂

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