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Hong Kong (China) Travel – Local Etiquette

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Always give gifts with two hands. And other useful etiquette tips for Hong Kong.

While people in Hong Kong are very familiar with western culture there are still unique social etiquettes that tourists should observe. When greeting someone in Hong Kong a hand shake is common but do it with a slight bow. Kissing on the cheek and hugging is not practiced. It is okay to gently push your way through the crowd as Hong Kong is so densely packed. In fact if someone says their sorry while navigating the crowd it is considered impolite. When giving gifts always give them with two hands. Do not give clocks as the Chinese associated clocks with death and gifts are never open in front of the person that gave them. When eating with others it is important to be aware of important table etiquette.

As a courtesy fill the teacups of others before pouring your own cup even if their cups are not empty. When you need a refill keep the lid of the teapot half open and the waiter will get the hint. Blowing the soup is considered okay to cool down the soup. After you are done, do not leave your chopsticks standing straight up as this signifies death leave them flat on the table. Tipping is customary. A service tip of 10% is expected and tip the server directly as leaving a tip on the table is considered impolite. Now you know a little bit more about Hong Kong. This is Rosanna Wilcox informing you about Hong Kong.

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