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Hong Kong Disneyland – Halloween TV Spot (2015)

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TV spot for Halloween at Hong Kong Disneyland from 2015.

Hong Kong, September 1, 2015) The frightful fun of Disney Haunted Halloween is spanning outdoors this year, tempting the daring to lose their way in the ghostly lands of Hong Kong Disneyland where the long since dead come hauntingly alive at nightfall from 6 PM to 11 PM for 14 nights, every Friday to Sunday during October 2 to 31, 2015. The Ghost Town dares even the boldest, not to lose their soul to the mesmerizing spirits at Mystic Point; get caught in the deadly battle between the deceased Cowboys and the Miners at Grizzly Gulch, or lose their way on the dark journey of the Jungle River Cruise.

Don’t get caught in the Mystic time-warp
Captivating spirits at Mystic Point will lure the unsuspecting into their time-warp to watch as the spirits relive one hour of their lives over and over in an unending loop of time. The Timekeeper is the link between the afterlife and the here-and-now, through his pocket watch to keep watch on all the spirits, ensuring that they all return to the portal when the time is up. Be mesmerized but do not get caught up in the quest for the green amulet that promises immortality, or get lost in the spirits quest.

Don’t get between the Cowboys and the Miners
Legend has it that the Cowboys and the Miners who once populated Grizzly Gulch have returned to continue their feud. The whole township was unaware that they were poisoned and by the strange green water which emanated from the geysers and sent them all mad. At all Hallows Eve, the deceased denizens will come back to the ghostly gold-mining town to settle old scores every hour.Hear from the eccentric “Engineer” retell the story of the epic feud, through the “Ghosts Rising” Puppet show several times a night, and heed his advice: do not get lost in the middle of the relentless feud.

Beware of the forbidding cruise and on the Curse of the Emerald Trinity
In the dark hours, the Jungle River Cruise is not quite as one remembers. It will be transformed into a voyage of terror from which we hope you return! Those joining the perilous quest will have to count on the Navigator and the Skipper on board the boat to guide them through the Adventureland jungle. The quest for the voodooed emerald stones may have dire consequences. Only the Navigator can guide the explorers to safe shores, or can he?

Halloween fun with Disney friends
Guests can also put on their favorite spooky costumes and join in some trick-or-treating fun with Mickey, Minnie, Duffy, ShellieMay and other Disney friends in their Halloween outfits at Main Street, U.S.A. which is decorated for the season.

Scream for more of the wicked delicacies
Those not lost in the Ghost Town should reward themselves with more than 30 wicked Disney Halloween-themed treats, available in the park and the two themed hotels. Try “Tahitian Pumpkin Surprise Set” at Tahitian Terrace in Adventureland, or “Sticky Rice Ghost” at Mystic Point’s Explorer’s Club Restaurant, to have you howling at the moon in satisfaction.

Halloween collectibles
A range of 70 pieces of Halloween merchandise items ensures guests can find something to remember this year’s awesome experiences. Choose from three fiendish assortments – Halloween-themed Tsum Tsum Mickey Family, Nightmare before Christmas and– which include limited edition pins, plush, accessories, apparel, consumables, stationery, home décor, and souvenirs.

Production Credits:
Client: HongKong Disneyland
Director: Shim Sang
Producer: Danny Kang
Production: Mr.Romanc Plus (
2D & 3D Post Production: SOLID, (

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