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Hong Kong Sampan Cruise Ride at Aberdeen Fishing Village (4K)

Written by Ariel

We visited Aberdeen Fishing Village (香港仔水上人家) in Hong Kong and took a scenic Sampan boat ride. The tour bus left from Victoria Peak via Stubbs Road and then Deep Water Road, where we saw some beautiful views of the city before arriving at the Aberdeen Promenade. There we started the relaxing and picturesque cruise on a Big Bus Sampan Tour boat where we saw nice views of the Hong Kong skyline, skyscrapers, high-rise condos plus numerous fishing boats that comprise the village, including Chinese Junk boats. We also got to see famous Jumbo Kingdom Jumbo Floating Restaurant (珍寶海鮮舫) as well.

This was part of our Hong Kong highlights tour booked on Princess Cruises. Hong Kong was part of our March 2018 Asia Cruise aboard the Majestic Princess (盛世公主号) cruise ship.

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