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  • Food with so much cruelty! Check out "cowspiracy" on youtube and realize why. You just don't know what a terrible suffer the animals have before they get to your plate.

  • Hong Kong hotels are not only expensive but also cancel on you frequently since they give their room to the highest bidders, I once spent 17 hours booking hotels in Hong Kong, keeping getting denied. They also charge you the full amount even if you cancel your bookings..so you have to wait on one booking for one or two hours before you get denied and you can only go on find other bookings.. if you send two booking requests at the same time, they are both confirmed, then congratulations, you get charged full amount for two hotels when you can only check in one

  • Not only hotel Icon has that portable device. In fact, the first hotel, which started providing it to its guests, was Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui.

  • I’m not trying to troll here, but this video could use some improvement. You said that it was your favorite city, though you spent the 1st half of the video telling us about how to use the metro and taxi. Then you did mention something about food which was good for a few minutes. I didn’t get the sense what made it such a good city. Perhaps you could have 2 videos – one about what makes the city good (food, culture,etc) and another about more practical things so we don’t have to sit through 10 minutes about the metro, taxi or going to McDonanlds – those things are there in most cities.

  • Hi, this was an amazing video, I am developing my Hong Kong tourism website and I would like to feature this video. I would just like to ask for your persmission.

  • The McDonald segment and the mention of pork pork pork this and that made me ill. I guess Hong Kong isn't a place for vegetarians or vegans. Great narration though.

  • thanks for the video, but you did a few mistakes 😉
    bus is the cheapest way out of the airport
    mcdonalds is way cheaper in malaysia

  • I would be travelling to Hong Kong from India in next 2 months and will be staying there for 1 year on working visa. That's my first foreign trip, I am excited and nervous at same time. So… Can you guys help me in below queries –
    1. Is HK$28500/month a good pay in Hong Kong? What could be monthly expense for me as a bachelor living in a shared rented apartment?
    2. Is it very crowded?
    3. Will I face any language problem if I know just English…?

  • i'm in love with your videos. Why did i just recently started watching? i went back to HKG 2 years ago and i could have used this.

  • You should go to The Basque Country. It is in Spain and France. Lots of culture, delicious food, dancing, music, and history.

  • Great video!
    What is the best way to change money? Is it at the ATM at the airport? or should I go to a stall or even an HSBC? Or will hotels give the best rates?

  • Very useful information for first time visiting Hong Kong. For tourist, It would be better to try more local food such as won ton noodle (fresh shrimp noodle), it's delicious. Hong Kong is not just a crowed busy city, it has beautiful beaches and countrysides. If you have been exhausted after too many shopping and want to take a relax break, just take a ferry from Central to Lamma Island. It takes less than 30 minutes and you'll find yourself in a totally different atmosphere from the city. Beautiful beaches, easy hiking trial, delicious sea foods! it would be a good experience!

  • Really enjoyed, back in HK and Macau from Scotland mid sept with my wife , been once before (6 yrs ago ) but equally excited again . Thanks for reminder about the currency when paying !!

  • I'm confused. When you said $10 in their money is like $1 something in US….wouldn't that make that city extremely cheap to visit?
    I know you said it's a very expensive city, but that seems cheap to me?

  • I love Hong Kong (as well) I also think it might be my favorite city in the world. Love the subway, octopus card, Star Ferry, food! … airport , airport train … but I think the Taipei subway is the best subway in the world. You should do a video of tourist things to see (if you haven't) such as Kowloon park, double decker buses and trams, Big Buddha, the Peak, world's longest escalator, night markets …

  • In WWII, Hongkongese were enslaved by Japan.
    Japanese killed and raped many Hongkongese, both male and female hongkis.
    Japs never treat hongkongese subhumans as humans.

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