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How to Have Afternoon Tea in London | Afternoon Tea Guide

Written by Ariel

Visitors to London MUST experience afternoon tea! It’s a British tradition that both locals and visitors love. Find out what afternoon tea is, where you can get it in London, and the etiquette around afternoon tea.

The course is no longer available. All of my top recommendations for afternoon tea in London can be found in my guide:

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  • I regret that I did not do afternoon tea during my London trip, but I did do Sunday roast…it was lamb the day it went. I loved it and the Yorkshire pudding so much that I found a couple of British type restaurants in Philadelphia that have it.

  • This is still a upper middle class thing , how many working class people could afford it , apart from the fact their working .

  • I always hear people compare English scones to American biscuits. I would be interested to hear your opinion about this…

  • I thought Britons pronounced scones as “scons” and that they separated the halves with their fingers rather than using a knife? If the scone was hot, then applying clotted butter first would allow it to melt before the jam was added.

  • I found the most enjoyable cream tea are from smaller independent cafes or tea rooms in those English towns. They really have very tasty warm scones freshly made on site. It seems less straightforward to find a nice cream tea in London or it could feel kind of pretentious and pricey.

  • There's a pretty good afternoon tea at the Café in the Crypt at St Martin in the Fields at just £9.90 at the time I visited which was last month.
    According to their website, they currently offer a Luxury Afternoon Tea for a grand total of £18, which way cheaper than the £30 starting prices that were mentioned in this video. Definitely worth checking out!
    The Trafalgar Square location and the ambience under the brick vaults are only an added bonus. Plus if one is into classical music, it's a great place to listen to a lunchtime concert at the church above and then head down to the crypt for a bite. 🙂

  • So now I have this picture in my head of slicing a scone, putting cream on the one half, jam on the other, putting it back together and eating it like some kind of British Oreo, and the sight causes the local gentlefolk to faint.

  • Dammit madam, scones and clotted cream, only in those southern Counties, its Butter and jam (strawberry of course) up here in the Grim North lol. But hey you are correct, its regional. And correct, being a Yorkshireman, you probably wouldn't understand a word I say ha ha. Brill Vid keep them coming.

  • Just out of curiosity, do you ever have meet n' greets? I'm moving to London next month for grad school and it would be so cool to meet you! You've helped me so much with getting acclimated to my soon-to-be new home!

  • I Iove afternoon tea in the Caribbean, Chicago, and NYC…I must try this in London as well:) any good places out there for nightlife which involves reggae? Maybe in Notting Hill?

  • Love all your videos so much–London is my favorite city! Your tips are super helpful for planning a London trip!

  • hi Ime Pete
    I just joined your channel
    would you ever consider doing walk and talk vlogs
    when visiting resteraunts etc ??

  • I love your channel since I want to live in London one day and your videos help me 🙂
    And I just noticed that in the back you have a picture of Prague and I'm from Czech republic.

  • We had Afternoon Tea at the Bloomsbury Hotel. Such a wonderful experience! The food/tea combined with the ambience of the hotel made it top notch for me. My husband being a hamburger fan, enjoyed the afternoon tea at BRGR

  • When I was in London last year, I went to have afternoon tea at Sketch. DO NOT EAT LUNCH BEFORE GOING! They gave me piles of treats so make sure you go on an empty stomach

  • You can splash a lot of cash and end up with not such a great version of afternoon tea. Patisserie Valerie which is a chain of Cake shops do's afternoon tea for a whopping £12:50 a head.
    M&S which is a well known supermarket chain will do it at around the same price.
    Avoid hotels , tourist rip offs look for a pub that do's good food .
    If your staying in W1 look around Putney or Richmond.Have fun


  • In Chile we have tea between lunch and dinner everyday. We have it with small sandwiches. It is called "onces." I miss that so much. I still keep that tradition here in the States. Now, I cannot wait to experience an afternoon tea in London. 🙂

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