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How To Prepare Visa | Travel Guide

Written by Ariel

I want to tell you about how to prepare visa because this is one of frequent questions. To check what you need to enter into other countries is the most important thing. I saw some people were kicked out at the airport or the border because they forgot to check.

There are three main things.
0. Make sure you must check at least one or two months before to visit.
1. Search on online in your language.
– If you speak international language like English or Spanish, you can search like how to apply Thai visa for Australian.
2. Call or visit Embassy if you cannot find information.
– Sometimes it is difficult to find information online. If you cannot find any information, then call the embassy in the country where you want to apply or visit to ask.

1. Put the picture on the end of paper
2. Be polite at the embassy.
3. Make requirement paper by yourself if you cannot get.

1. How many countries did I need visa?
-Around 15 countries in 70 countries. Complicating visa was Ethiopian, Sudanese, Iranian, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Chinese visa
2. Why it is difficult to get visa for some countries?
-There would be some conflict with other country. But main reason would be when the country has low salary, other country is worried that people would work under the table.

When it is difficult to get visa, it would discourage to travel. But if you search in advance, prepare well, and have strong mind, you can make it!

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