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How to ride the Beijing subway

Written by Ariel

Beijing has one of the largest subway network in the world. Despite this, it is very easy to navigate. As it takes you to most tourists attraction and because the traffic in Beijing is horrendous, this is the best way to get around Beijing.
This video will give an overview on how the subway works. The key to a stress-free trip in Beijing is a good map. There are many maps available online. We like this online subway map as it has a ton of information including the shortest route: They also have an app for smartphone.
If you plan to use the subway regularly, you should get a Yikatong card. This transportation card can be bought at most subway stations. You will pay a 20RMB deposit plus whatever stored value you choose. You can add more value at any time. You need one card per person. You can use the card to pay for the Airport Express and buses. You get a discount on buses when using the card. At the end of your stay in Beijing, you can return the card and get back your deposit and whatever your balance is. Not all subway stations can refund you but it is possible at the airport.

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