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Introducing Philippine Airlines’ new Airbus A321neo

Written by Ariel

Get a sneak peak of what’s in store for you as you #flyPAL4Stars on the Philippines’ first Airbus A321neo!

Discover a new, delightful way to fly non-stop across Asia and Australia on our new Airbus A321neo starting July 2018. Book your flights now at www.philippineairlines.com!

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  • No change in PAL's Livery, the much simplier much looks clean and better, like other 5 star airlines JAL, CATHAY PACIFIC, EMIRATES and Etc.

  • Kindly, include this new planes to RUH-MNL route. I've been flying thrice already in two years time with your old, outdated planes with no IFE nor even a charging port to pass your time on direct flight, cause all you have to do is to sleep. I looked forward to take flight on my then first time on PAL cause I take pride on flying on my nation's national carrier but unfortunately I was a little bit disappointed. We deserve better services, cause what for we are dubbed "Modern Heroes" just to settle for less compare to other carrier. I do still believe but please, just my opinion though.

  • Did you observe that Bulge in the back of that AIRBUS NEO it is a WIFI ANTENNA, SO you can use internet while CRUISING at FL350

  • holy phuck, this can actually be a commercial instead of the usual fashion show flight attendants…TURN THIS INTO A COMMERCIAL!!!!!!

  • while waiting for july 1 to come, they should temporarily deploy this aircraft to other flights other than brisbane

  • I wish to see more fleets coming to philippine airlines like the 747-8 intercontinental, the 737s and more.

  • Can you guys add like a folding bed for stopovers when they stopover in the airport so they can get some sleep.

  • How about new design livery for Pal but I know it is cool to stay in that design of livery because it is patriotic but I was thinking instead of white underneath of the aircrafts instead of blue also the cover of the propellers and a wavy or curved line with the color of the flag from the front to tail or little curved line or wavy with the color of the flag but I think it is nice how it looks I imagined and make the Philippines word a little bigger with new color like blue thinking Navy Blue or just stays with black or underneath color blue with a wavy design in the sides but still connect with the color underneath it's kinda cool though and also the wavy line design from the tail color with flags with designs both sides

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