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Is This The Best BURGERS in SYDNEY ? – Japanese vs Australian

Written by Ariel

Are you craving for the best burger in Sydney? Today me and Jeff will be your Sydney Food Guide where we explore and review what we think is the best burger in Sydney! Gojima Japanese Rice Burger vs Mary’s Australian Chicken Burger. Watch and find out how good these burgers are

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Best of Versus is Two Person eating Two Dish with Two Opinion we rate it out of 10!

Best of Versus Episode 1 Features:

Japanese Burger vs Australian Burger

Mary’s Newtown
Address: 6 Mary St, Newtown NSW 2042

Mary’s Newtown is a Sydney based burger that is a must visit for those who love burger or just plain ole good time. The rustic venue décor creates a quirky rock vibe that complements Newtown as a suburb itself. Praised by local and by us as one of the top places to get a well-lit burger. Pair it with a good beer and this place will be forever in your dream. Today we had Mary’s Chicken Burger here.
For those who are Vegan – marry offers a Vegan Burger as well.

Address: 1/80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Gojima is a Japanese restaurant located at the Star in Sydney, created by Chef Chase Kojima serving what I think is one of the best burger here in Sydney. If you are a fan of moss burger or rice burger then this place makes one of the best here in Sydney. The overall combination of medium rare beef to the crispy fried rice as a bun substitute will subdue even the most veteran burger lovers.

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  • Looooove this new segment of your channel! The Mary's bar looks super cool and the food looks delicious but im also a big fan of Japanese burgers especially if the buns are made out of rice hehehehe followed you on instagram Nick!!

  • Haha it shows how much you love mayo! We'd love to try the Japanese burger, that looks so unique! But the Mary's one looks like one fine chicken burger too!

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    what you have, do this because your are passionately to do 🙂 check my channel for more ideas GOD BLESS AND YOUR FAMILY

  • Gonna be an epic series, really enjoyed the first one though! Wow that second dish was crazy, looked delicious though!

  • So glad you're back making me hungry again, haha. Both burgers look amazing. I've never tried a burger like your second one, very intrigued. The rice bun sounds good. Made me think about a hashbrown bun here in the states. 🙂

  • Ohhh, hi Jeffles! Mang, that's the most bomb chicken burger I've seen cos, you know, most chicken burgers come off a bit dry. And, YES! Mayo over Ketchup! I think I would take the chicken burger…. me eating that sushi burger would be one epic mess. Juices, rice, seaweed everywhere except for in my mouth. I haven't mastered the 'clean' way of eating burgers yet. I literally need a shower after eating a juicy burger. Okay, for some reason everything I said just sounded dirty.

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