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Kam’s roast goose Hong Kong Michelin star restaurant

Written by Ariel

I went to eat at the one Michelin star restaurant Kams roast goose restaurant in Hong Kong.
It was definitely worth the 20 minutes wait, it is a small local place, staff was friendly and tea is included.

We only ordered the goose and the pork, I know it’s called Kams roast goose and the goose was delicious but the pork was amazing.

Next time I go there I will make sure I don’t eat all day so I can try even more dishes. Like all Hong Kong restaurants kam’s roast goose is a place where it’s perfect to come a group of people and you just share a lot of small dishes.
I do think that Kam’s roast goose deserves it Michelin star and it’s definitely affordable.

Hong Kong also have other local restaurants that have a Michelin star and it’s not often that you can find a place like Kam’s roast goose where you don’t have to worry about an empty wallet to taste a bite of heaven.

I also filmed the menu so you can already have a look at all the delicious dishes you can eat at Kam’s roast goose.

I will definitely go back there and we only ended up spending 220 HKD.

If the restaurant is too busy and you don’t want to stand in line all night, you can also order takeaway.

Kam’s roast goose, is one of the restaurants you have to visit if you come to Hong Kong.

If you want to visit this one Michelin star restaurant here is the address:

Kam’s roast goose Wan Chai, Hennessy road 226, Hong Kong.

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