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[Korea Tourism] Ling and Amber’s Korea Attack – Enjoying Hongdae 100 times more

Written by Ariel

Must Visit Places in Korea! “Nei hou!” “Ni Hao!”
Expert travelers Ling from Hong Kong and Amber from Taiwan are here to introduce their most favorite spots in Seoul.

Ling and Amber visited and “attacked” every corner in Seoul, and you can see their real experiences through “Ling & Amber’s Korea Attack.”

Hongdae, or Hongik University area is one of the most popular tourist areas among both foreign tourists and locals. See Ling and Amber’s fun Hongdae tour!

They went into a convenient store to introduce Korean foods popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan?
Their first attack location was a unique café in Hongdae with delicious treats. So where is this café?

After a very delicious and filling stop at a restaurant operated by YG, home to many K-pop stars, Ling and Amber headed to the streets of Hongdae for a shopping spree!.

So who are the cute guys that ended Ling and Amber’s shopping spree? Busking and other street performances keep the
streets of Hongdae young and alive. And let’s not forget the highlight of Hongdae, the Hongdae Club Tour!! Let’s go!

This is a place that never sleeps, a place that’s happy and lively all night long. So where did Ling and Amber choose for a perfect ending to their Hongdae Attack?
Chi-maek! Short for chicken and maekju or beer, this is a must-eat when in Korea.

Attack the streets of Hongdae with Ling from Hong Kong and Amber from Taiwan, and make your trip to Korea the best trip ever! Come join us, “Ling and Amber’s Korea Attack” is about to begin.

Enjoy the clip and Like us! Thank you.

**Ling and Amber’s Korea Attack series**
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