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Kowloon City & To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong – Top 10 Must See Attractions & Hidden Gems

Written by Ariel

Apart from the Kowloon Walled City, what else do you know about Kowloon City? This time, I’ll show you all the must-see attractions and hidden gems in Kowloon City, and one of Hong Kong’s best kept secrets, To Kwa Wan.

Kowloon City:
1. Kowloon Walled City Park 00:17
2. Thai Restaurants 00:53
3. Pre-war Shophouses (Tong Lau) 01:10
4. Relics of the Song Empire: Sung Wong Toi & Hau Wong Temple 01:27
5. Stone Houses Family Garden 02:03

To Kwa Wan:
6. 13 Streets & Cattle Depot Artist Village 02:20
7. I-feng Mansions 02:58
8. Old Stores 03:13
9. To Kwa Wan Market & Tin Hau Temple 03:26
10. Hoi Sham Park 03:45

This video would not be completed without the generous help of my friend, Kantian, who went to a number of places in this video with me and helped film some of the footages (especially the awesome drone shots).

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Historic photos used are found on wikicommons
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