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Lanzarote webcam emergency landing in Lanzarote airport

Written by Ariel

28/06/2018 In this video you can watch a Boeing 757-300 of Condor/Thomas Cook that landed with one engine in Lanzarote Airport after an engine shutdown in flight. Congratulations to the pilots that made a great work, and fire department too!

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  • We were on this plane! Taking off from Gatwick the plane appeared slightly underpowered. The pilots circled Gatwick Airport at a low level and after a complete circle, continued on towards Lanzarote. Little was said throughout the flight but as we descended, a pilot announced that we would need to stay out on the slipway as they had been told that there was some damage to the left side of the plane. The cabin crew appeared to know nothing. Passengers discussed the use of the shutes between themselves, mentally preparing, just in case. There were toddlers and disabled people on the flight so no preparation in readiness, particularly for them. The landing seemed fast and slightly lop-sided but in Lanzarote it is windy so things did not seem serious until the fire engines arrived. Eventually the plane could taxi in to the end of the slipway and the steps arrived. No facility for the disabled who had to clamber down the steps. Only then did we know that the engine was at fault because, as it idled, the pilot leapt into the front cavity of the engine and tried to look behind the blades. Nobody told us that this was an emergency landing. Should they have done?
    On a previous flight (Tui) we had a fast emergency landing in snow, at Gatwick, due to a passenger having a heart attack. We were told it was an emergency on that occasion, but we did know that the plane itself was sound. Were we lucky on this Condor because Lanzarote has a fairly long runway and lots of space around? What if we had had to come down in Spain or Portugal, en route? Would we have had a fire? No word from the airline since.

  • Yep, the descend was rather hasty, they seem to be afraid to overshoot since it was not possible to use reverse thrust to decelerate.

  • I was the pilot & my 1st officer was drunk & he tried to land the plane he shut down the engine & no reverse thrust happened he is in deep shit now thanks

  • Aircraft was G-JMAB from London Gatwick. Left 3 hours late so was probably precautionary shut down. Even though was branded as Condor it's spent it's life in the UK with JMC Air then Thomas Cook.

  • Lanzarotewebcam have you got a video of the tui east midlands flight takeoff shortly after this. I was watching this drama unfold in the terminal

  • The plane was still moving pretty fast as it went out of camera view to the left. Obviously no reverse thrust on that landing. I am glad they didn't overshoot the end of the runway. Interesting video and thanks to the aircrew. They earned their pay today.

  • That was very well done by the pilot. If I had been shown that video without the title, I would've thought it was a normal landing! Very good effort by pilot

  • It was < 3 min from touch down till the fire trucks and fire men exited their vehicle for the inspection, but it seemed like a much longer time.

  • el mayor riesgo no está en tomar tierra (no hubo viento fuerte), sino en frenar con solo un reactor… Excelentes pilotos y computador de vuelo.. Buena respuesta del personal de Lanzarote (y)

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