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Largest Adidas Originals in Hong Kong with Miadidas Creators + HK’s Big Buddha

Written by Ariel

The Adidas Originals Section Starts at 11:02 for those skippers…

Let me know if you guys enjoyed this format combo with both me and Petrina. This Adidas Originals is the largest in Hong Kong 2 stories tall and it had interesting decor that pays homage to the city. The store had shoes that even the Harajuku Adidas Store didn’t have. It also featured the MiAdidas creators custom shoe section, this is something I never knew you could do in store or in person.
The best visuals captured in this video was of the Tian Tan Big Buddha. I can’t believe I was able to go on such an uncrowded, beautiful summer day. It was the best conditions to shoot this beautiful sigh.

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