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LHR – KUL, Malaysia Airlines Business Class A350-900, MH3

Written by Ariel

Flight video London to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia Airlines Airbus A350-900,
MH3, Departed LHR 18 May 2018 at 10am Friday, Arrived KUL at 7am Saturday.

It is really a trip to forget:
1) IFE problem for the entire plane (first 7 hours)
2) No personal greetings from cabin crews (once guest was seated)
3) I never heard even once the crew called me with my name
4) Cabin crew did not asking for menu details during early flight
5) Can’t really feels the so called Malaysian Hospitality in this

I wish MAS could do better. Now I knew why QA, EK, CX or even KA
are better stars airlines.

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  • Sorry nak tanya kenapa u comment on seat ?bukan boleh pilih ke nak duduk
    seat mana..kalau tak silap dia alternate ade meje sebelah window dan takde meja sebelah window..yup malaysia airlines punya service just average. Diorang lease plane baru tapi diorang kene buat la 200% all those amenities and service mcm Qatar n Singapore Airlines.

  • It looks like Malaysian Airlines need to get their act together if they want to compete with the industry leaders.

  • Good review. Will be flying back to Malaysia next month. if this the quality of MH business class, no doubt I will choose Garuda Indonesia.

  • Haahah lantak kau laa nak naik apa punn…segala kekurangan x boleh terima….lain kali ape kata naik je airlines lain…aku rasa MH ni kira murah berbanding airlines full servis lain..walupun servis munkin kurang sikit…kene bersyukur sikit sebab kalau nak bandingkan harga tiket airlines serantau yang nak ke malaysia atau luar negara lebih mahal

  • ni jakun yg x pernah naik flight….saja je nk kondem national carrier Malaysia….best bet is pakatoon's totok supporter

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