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Mumbai Travel Guide

Written by Ariel

Our Mumbai Travel Guide! Easily our most beautiful episode so far…
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Mumbai was never on the list for season 2 but an opportunity to visit this city in India came up and we jumped at the chance. Mumbai is a truly extraordinary city. Wonderful people, incredible food, amazing stories. Mumbai is a city that we’ll be going back to as soon as we can. Make sure you watch this episode in a big screen, in full HD glory!

Where we stayed: Trident Nariman Point

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  • Oh my. I want to go, but od be feeding all the stray animals and crying. I'd probably try to adopt every poor child. Id be handing out money to everyone. I'd come home broke.

  • There are absolutely no women in this video: it was made by men, about men, and especially for men. Having a certain perception of India and Indian men in particular, it's not very reassuring to hear how safe Mumbai felt from a somewhat strong looking white male. But thank you anyways, the video was still useful.

  • Mumbai is cleaner than Shanghai. It has better transport than Any part of China. Their toilets are first class. Trains in Mumbai are state of the art. China'road is second class compared to India. Mumbai has dogs and cows which Shanghaineses envy. Their street food are first class in hygiene and give you strength and vitality. You can also have cheapest motels in the whole world. Water are bottled a sign of rich countries.

  • 13:47 "wherever we go, people have been so friendly" – Should've mentioned that WHITE people are worshiped in India and are considered superior. You wouldn't have survived in India for even a minute if you were black.

  • Crossing roads, heres the techniques. you need to read mind of each other's around you, a biker a bus driver, a pedestrian, taxi wala, pilot etc.. then meditate for 100 milliseconds and then just go. The traffic guaranteed that there won't be any accident with you ;).

    BTW your channel name, has a meaning in Marathi. Aatache means now. Lol

  • I am surprised that you are living in 2017 and you would have thaught to travel in Metro rather than traveling on jampack locals.

  • You can find a different world with in India…from rich to poor..snow to sea to desert…north east is extremely amazing..I am from Himachal Pradesh and I strongly recommend everyone to visit Himachal and Kashmir atleast once ..India is not only about slums.

  • Great video that’s made m more determined to go at some point. On a side note, I think Mumbai Central station and Mumbai CST or VT are 2 different stations.

  • Hi,  You called CST station Mumbai Central. That is not  it's name and could mislead people. CST or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is its only name. Mumbai Central is a completely different station on  a different train line.

  • I LOVE how you described the negatives in a way that wouldn't scare off people.. because that's India and a smart traveler understands the pros and cons without outright 'hating' on a new city/country!

  • I live in mumbai and I will tell u foreigners that don't come to Mumbai as it is very dirty and people's are more often ly robbers and if u see many Street people's are addicted to drugs they would attack anyone as they are not in their consciousness they have a sharp blade . last but not least mumbai is not a safe place to walk around freely. specially foreign women have more chances of getting raped and may be groped or u can be assaulted.
    please don't come here if u don't know anyone here.

  • I spent 9 months in India and Mumbai is one of my very favorite places and definitely my favorite city in India! I loved it from the very first second <3 Street food, Marine Drive, post-colonial vibe and architecture, the crowds and contrasts… I wish I could move there one day… 🙂

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