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Nutsy Coffee – The Best Coffee Shop in Hong Kong

Written by Ariel

Taking a break from my world travels, I start with a conversation all about coffee and where else should i start than with my favourite coffee shop in Hong Kong. Of course it’s the best, I wear my bias proudly. If you ever visit Hong Kong you need to give Gary a visit.

Below you can see the time stamps of the questions and the topics we discuss. I hope you find it interesting.

1:00 – Why is it Australian Coffee?
2:13 – Why get into the coffee business?
4:01 – How do you communicate your craft to Consumers?
5:52 – Why is Nutsy in Quarry Bay
7:07 – Setting up Nutsy in the face of Competition
8:27 – IS there an authentic Melbourne Coffee
10:32 – Life away from your coffee shop?
12:13 – Nutsy offers classes
13:51 – VQ: What does Gary like to drink?
18:11 – How environmentally conscious is Nusty?
20:26 – Bringing Vegemite on toast to Hong Kong!
22:07 – Value of drinking from a real cup (not plastic)?
24:12 – What’s the value of slurping?
25:31 – Where can Nutsy be found?

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