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Palmyra (Syria) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Written by Ariel

Travel video about destination Palmyra in Syria.
Set amid the desert savannah of Syria are the proud remains of the unique and mysterious metropolis of Palmyra. The legendary ancient city was built in this vicinity due to the existence of an oasis, Tadmur, and today around thirty thousand people live in the surrounding area. The shortest and fastest route from the Mediterranean to Mesopotamia and Persia travels directly past the Tadmur Oasis thus it was only a question of time until an important trading post was founded there and later a flourishing cultural and economic centre developed. Close to the former Agora, the central square in which the city’s inhabitants held their weekly market since the first century A.D., is one of Palmyra’s architectural landmarks, the Tetrapylon. This structure consists of four square pedestals and was rebuilt in 1963. Only one of the sixteen columns is original and they once held numerous statues. In 106 A. D. under Emperor Trajan, Palmyra became a province of Rome. The city was obliged to provide military aid which was something that was to have far-reaching consequences. Due to its military responsibilities the city lost its political neutrality but the Romans honoured the city’s loyalty with many fine buildings and various improvements to the centre of the city. One of the most beautiful and most visited tomb towers in The Valley Of Graves is the four storey high Tower Of Elabel that dates back to 103 A.D. It is a combination of a tomb tower and Hypoaeum. It is one of the few well-preserved monuments in the West Necropolis. Since its discovery in the 17th century the historic monuments of Palmyra shine out in renewed glory as an ancient reminder of a fascinating and mysterious epoch of desert history.

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  • Fantastic video! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we love to discover these kind of contents. We create Travel & Food movies too, across the globe, and therefore we are often searching inspirations and so creative concepts. Thank You.

  • pathetic islamist beasts love to destroy all ancient civilizations leftovers and build a mosque on top.I hate all Abrahamic religions specially that most filthy one,islam. This video is old,probably nothing much left from that beautiful palace today.

  • This must be an old video, although there is no sense to show an archeological city now destroyed. I was in Syria in 2005., Palmyra and the rest of Syria was so beautiful that it is sad what happened to such country so rich with history, customs, traditions, people and so on..

  • this is outrageous! the city doesn't look like that anymore. you can't visit it due to the war. this is a sick joke! if you post a video like this you should mention something about it.

  • Ya know…I think I'll pass on this one, looking at ISIS being there. Yeah…I'm not going there lol.

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