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Pixar Water Play Street Party on Main Street – Frozone lost his hovercraft! HKDL (July 21st, 2018)

Written by Ariel

The Incredibles not only have a meet n greet area at Hong Kong Disneyland. They have also appeared in the new summer parade called “Pixar Water Play Street Party”. Wait, did I mention that before? Oh yes, I have while posting the video recorded on July 7th. While this show is recorded on July 21st. I’ve switched location to somewhere a bit more WET. After all, my phone can be used in heavy rain. Usually in these water parades, I only use my mobile phone to record in order to prevent the camera from getting wet and become broken. This time, instead of watching at the opening of the parade route, I watched over the Center Street Botique and Pandora store. This is where the major water float of the parade stop. I can clearly see Lotso, Joy and Sadness at this point. A lot of interactions have been made from them right here. Also, at that time, we noticed that Frozone lost his hovercraft. Unlike Mr Incredible and Elastigirl, he had to WALK… See the full clip for details. Thanks for watching! Please like this video and subscribe my channel!

Hong Kong Disneyland is creating big splashes of fun this summer with our first-ever Pixar Water Play Street Party! Various Disney•Pixar stars will join in the celebration, including Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible and Frozone from The Incredibles, as well as some of the beloved characters from Toy Story, such as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Lotso and eight Green Army Men.

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