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PNB Fraud Case: ED Seizes 9 Luxury Cars Of Nirav Modi

Written by Ariel

The Enforcement Directorate on Thursday seized nine high-end luxury cars of Nirav Modi in connection with the fraud of Rs 11,300 crore in Punjab National Bank. The fleet includes a Rolls Royce Ghost, two Mercedes Benz GL class, one Porsche Panamera, three high end Honda cars and one Toyota Fortuner.

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  • Nirav Modi is already slipping from Media News. All these care will make their way to hands of the Politicians & their family .What happened to Vijay Mallya's vintage cars & other cars? Exchaged hands & disappeared ! And later Govt offices will claim records are missing

  • Now Politicians & big Babus will descend like vultures on the seized assets.Everything will disappear without records. Mobody questions about the whereabouts of seized assets . Media or public

  • The Jain motherfucker steals two billion dollars of largely Hindu India and the two bitches are gloating about cars worth at best two million bucks… where is the other 1998 (one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight) million dollars? Hang all of them from a tall tree (if you can find one in the godforsaken Rajasthan) in the desert!

  • Chiron Thats my question. No answers so far What happens to all the assets seized by the Govt? If the case goes on for years without conclusion then cars, properties, jewellery surely can't be just lying around That too given India's notorious amnesia prone recordkeeping by the Govt

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