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Retire Cheap — Pattaya Monthly Apartment — The V Residence $370/Month For Room

Written by Ariel

Whether you are a retiree, a digital nomad or a long stay tourist, the V Residence in Pattaya is an excellent option, At $370 per month it is a very nice spacious room and includes a balcony, new furnishing, wi fi, cable TV and cleaning twice a month with sheet and towel change and a swimming pool. All of that is included in the price. I’m sure you can probably negotiate a significant discount if you stay for 6 months or 1 year. If you rent nightly it is 800 baht per night. The rooms are located on Pattaya 3rd Road about a 20 minute walk to Walking Street and just off of Soi 17. This place is ideal for owning a motorbike

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  • I have thought of giving this place a go since it opened a couple of years ago, back then they had a promo rate at 8000 baht/month! It looks good all new and clean and love the sink on the balcony, but there is one major problem with location! Looking on a map it's not that far from Walking Street (15 min walking), but you can't just walk straight out to Third Road although it's just outside the hotel, because the empty plots in front are sealed off and there is no short cut from the hotel! Just to get out to Third Road you must walk a long way around the block to get out, so not ideal if you like walking! If you have a bike then no problems! Also it's far from markets, supermarkets and malls so long way to go shopping! So it's good only of you have your own transportation!

  • Very friendly customer service, wash plates on balcony in poring rain??? odd place to put a sink. It be not too bad if it sunny

  • Well this room looks very nice, even for my skeptical eyes i think this is a very good deal for many people who will live in Pattaya city… Today it is March 5 and my trip to Jomtien from Sweden its closing up, i hope cheap charlie will make an review of my place in Jomtien. i dont say today where i will stay for 30 days but just waite folks, it will be a stunning location and a comfortable room with 67 square meters but i think affordable for most people….

  • Charlie I live a novana residence it’s 10x never than v residence it’s next door . 25 meter swimming pool laundry sauna ect . 8500b a month if you stay a year . Would you like to check my room out for your channel??

  • oh it's parking for cars. I'm glad you clarified, i thought it might be parking for spaceships or yachts

  • WOW they have a fire hose!!!!! Twice a month you get new towels, fantastic. No wonder I would never live there. And why am I watching this crap, bye.

  • 350/month you get a 75m2 new 2 bedroom fully furnished appartment with pool and garage in southern Spain.

  • When checking the water pressure, describe which floor.
    I assume this was the 5th floor but some buildings have weird ways to label the floors.
    Depending on if it has a roof tank and the location, some floors/rooms will have better/worse water pressure.

  • Hard little face on that girl. Same as I encountered in Bangkok at my hotel. So much for the land of smiles. Not a bad room though although why on earth would they put a sink out on a balcony.

  • Save yoyr money and finds YOU a house TO rent FOR they KIND OF money that's TO expensive FOR A motel room

  • would you please tell me about the availability of marijuana? I have a medical permit , can I find weed in Pattaya?  is it risky? is it any good?

  • im glad you checked the water pressure, that type of info is totally important to us … good review of that apartment i think im gonna stay there i think for just a month… its chilly an snowing in America still, i need a vacation

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