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Review of Singapore Airlines Business Class PVG to SG SQ 831 Incorrect Meal Amusing Moment

Written by Ariel

Amusing moment on board @ 8:27. The stewardess served me the incorrect main. I was served a bowl of noodle soup, when I was very sure that I had ordered the fried pork on noodles (which was a dry dish). Of course, I asked, and she checked and straightaway realised the error. No biggie, I got my correct dish after all!

Another good flight on Singapore Airlines Business Class, Boeing 777-300 from Shanghai to Singapore. After spending a couple of hours at the Air China Business lounge, we board the Singapore Airlines aircraft on our way home! The following time-marks give you a ‘table of contents’ –

0:10 – Walking on the aerobridge
0:20 – Boarding the Boeing 777-300ER
0:30 – Walking past the First Class cabin (only 4 seats)
0:41 – Arrived at my seat. Time to relax!
0:50 – Making myself comfortable and checking out the menu
1:04 – Taking drinks orders, for post take-off drink
1:14 – Seat controls, many buttons to press
1:20 – Menu, 4 choices of Mains
1:52 – Captain speaking from the flight deck
2:30 – Crew clearing hot towels
2:45 – Safety video featuring Singapore scenes
3:04 – Pushing back from the gate
3:38 – Engines powering up, take-off run!
4:52 – Stretching my legs
5:02 – Decided to watch Black Panther
5:18 – Assorted nuts were served
5:24 – My Singapore Sling had arrived!
5:52 – Taking my meal order – Deep Fried Sha Cha Pork & Noodles
6:02 – Laying out the table cloth
6:35 – Laying out the cutlery
7:23 – My starter is served. Marinated scallops.
7:50 – Admiring my scallops, garlic bread, white wine
8:23 – Amusing moment. I was served the incorrect main course.
9:04 – Checking out my main course. Looked good.
9:32 – The cake for dessert was gorgeous
9:51 – Some cheese and crackers to end the meal
9:59 – I converted my seat into a bed. Time to sleep!
10:28 – Slept for about 2 hours. Asked for hot green tea when I woke up.
10:34 – The fresh orchids in the toilet were gorgeous.
11:09 – Announcement from flight deck. Arriving soon.

The flight was somewhat bumpy along the way, probably due to some turbulence. But it was still an enjoyable flight. For the landing into Changi, it was smooth. Here is the landing video.

I tried to play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes game on board, using the complimentary WIFI. Business class pax get 30MB. See video here –

In case you were wondering, we did not fly on SQ to Shanghai. We flew on Scoot, in ScootBiz to Hangzhou instead. Here was that review –

Thanks for watching!

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