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Russia Dumping US Treasuries. Is China Next? | Rob Kirby (Jun 21, 2018)

Written by Ariel

(Recorded Jun 21, 2018)
From ReluctantPreppers: Recent official reports reveal Russia has sold off 50% of their US Treasury holdings​, which normally should push interest rates higher. But the world’s attention is now shifting to the escalating tariff and trade war between Trump & China: Will the Chinese retaliate with massive dumping of US Treasuries? The sheer scale and volume of China’s potential glut of US Treasuries could makes Russia’s recent action pale in comparison. Is China poised to trigger a major credit and derivative crisis?

Proprietary financial analyst Rob Kirby joins Reluctant Preppers to offer his experienced views on what scenario we will most likely see unfold. Kirby also fields a number of questions submitted by viewers just for this interview! Don’t miss it!

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  • I'm not sure I'd trust a bullion vault in another country. Japan laid siege to Hong Kong in WW2. Who knows what politics will prevail if WW3 develops and you've got your money halfway around the world in Hong Kong or Singapore…?

  • I think disparaging Singapore storage is wrong. So are you going to keep a1/2 ton of silver or 1000 ounces of gold at home? How about Kirby going to YouTube and look up the video of the LeFreeport Singapore. No storage like it in the US or Canada.

  • Accept it actually needs to collapse and will anyway,the left will blame trump and the libitarean right to make it all to be their fault, ushering in ultimate globalisation,but if they fail they're done PERMANENTLY they'll literally have nothing left and whatever is left over for society can be rebuilt

  • Russia should issue Golden Ruble for international trades only and, that will be backed by physical gold reserve.

  • Bash Trump all you want but 1 he was voted into office so there is that and 2 nd the previous admin's are largely responsible for the shit fest that we are in. Also It's not like Trump did not warn people that things were going to get tough. In fact he said there would be volatility and things would no doubt be unsavory in the markets.

  • why are middle aged men obsessed with wealth? it seems to me they are mostly responsible for the destruction of the earth, they have no shame , desperately clinging onto and trying to protect their wealth. ODD

  • General Matus, a neocon controlled military asset, said Russia is the #1enemy, of who? (of the western central banksters)–so –Explains the real reasons for all the Russia bashing by the US and EU governments. It is all about controlling resources and currency exchange, for trade and commerce in global markets and Russia is in the way.

  • Yes it's a fake game but the US still runs the game. It will for years to come. You can live in your fantasy of collapse while the rest of us make money. When it does collapse I'll be rich and ready and you'll be poor and ready. You've got at least two more years until things go bad. There are many tricks left in the Trump (Feds) bag.

  • The world knows Washington Bush regime planned executed and cover up 911
    Then we send are sons and daughters to false flag wars to make the 1% another zero in their bank accounts
    America is now listed on the UN As a State that Sponsors Terrorism now
    Donald Trump is trying to recover the Bushes stolen Gold with his whitehats

  • Raising interest rates will strengthen the dollar. China can dump treasuries, and the fed will raise rates on treasuries in retaliation. Making China regret dumping treasuries and enticing them to buy them back to profit from the new rates. And China will keep dumping treasuries, and the fed will keep raising rates even more. The fed will act like an ex girlfriend trying to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. If I was China, I would just keep dumping and see just how high the Fed can raise rates. They once raised it to 20 percent back in 1982. These rates are only possible if China is willing to dump dollars.

  • The reason rates strengthen the dollar is because americans spend using debt. They invest using debt. And they cant spend and invest if the interest on debt is set too high. They arent going to use the money supply currently in circulation. They want new money supply that is produced through loans. But if rates are set too high. Then its too costly to increase the money supply. Thus strengthening the dollar.

  • Amazing talking. Bad things don't fix with lies. People need the truth like these ones they are talking about it. Thanks a lot. I do think China is spending or dumping the USA debt into it project one bell one road in a slow motion because of they need to take down the USA slow down without panic.

  • Why doesn't American government keep printing more of its dollars and sell it to buy real Gold. That way, we can give the rest of the world paper money and America gets to keep real gold.

  • Rob Brought up that "lul" in 2015 the other day. Things were just dragging out and no jobs were coming out and tent city nearly quadrupled in a 6 month period… The drugs the crime… we were close to the collapse. Then came more QE and the blue collar screamed, some left the country.

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