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Scary Disney Haunted House – Maze of Nightmares at Hong Kong Disneyland

Written by Ariel

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For Halloween 2017, Hong Kong Disneyland presents the Maze of Nightmares, an official Disney haunted house that features elements from Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, and Monsters, Inc.

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  • Admittedly I was a little annoyed to see the Mad Hatter as a villain, partially because he wasn't threatening in the original story but mostly because I am a Hatter FANATIC…but in general I think this could be okay. We'll see how it's received.

  • I was all like "neat this works rather okay, a haunt for the whole family"

    And then Pinocchio part came…
    This isnt ok…
    The rest is pretty fine but thats just too dark for disney, its unsettling seing a disney character suffer.

  • CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE NEEDS THIS! 🙁 I wouldn't even care if there was no gore and stuff – horror doesnt need that to be scary. I mean, wouldn't it be cool to have a Sid's room themed maze with the creepy ass toys and concoctions he's created from the scraps lying around his house with creepy dolls and broken jack in the box music and creepy melodic faints of old music box's and his distorted laugh in the distance… I mean, no matter, I'm sure at the end of the day any sort of scary disney maze would be fun! Most of these lower quality theme parks and such make most of there money during halloween, if Disney put in some of that quality money into an event like this, even if it only last two weeks at the end of october in california adventure, I know it'd sell out. Most of the demographic that go to disneyland parks also go to these other halloween attractions, so Disney can for realllllll make good money with something similar. Yes, even the kids. lol You know how many times ive gone to halloween horror nights at universal and see little ass kids there? lol come on disneyyyyyyy… (I know there is like a 98.9 percent chance this will never happen, but I will dream my heart out) lol

  • Love what they did with our cat faces for the white rabbit! Though wish we could have had a chance to sculpt a proper "evil rabbit face" if we'd known what the end result would be used for.

  • Wow, this looks awesome! Though the Pinocchio thing kind of raises an eyebrow for me, since I just consider it unnecessarily dark, for Disney especially! I mean, there could be little kids walking around in there and then get scared of a character that's supposed to be a beloved childhood family movie character. But other than that, it looks amazing! Kudos to the people who worked on this maze! 🙂

  • This first parts weren't bad. Didn't look too scary. Seems great. BUT NOPE! PINOCCHIO HAD TO ADD THE NIGHTMARE INTO THE NAME!

  • USA: Mickey's Not-So-Scary Holloween

    HK: Mickey's I-Will-Kill-You-Because-I-Am-Secretly-A-Demon-And-I-Will-Spare-You-If-Only-Obey-Satan-And-Not-Jesus-Crist Holloween

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