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SNACK on Taiwan KFC’s Portuguese Egg Tarts

Written by Ariel

Try Taipei, Taiwan KFC’s CREAMY Portuguese egg tarts and learn the history behind these golden desserts. Become a cutea:

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Hello it’s the Fried Chicken Queen herself. This is another one of my attempts to get KFC to sponsor me. I’m just kidding but I do love, love them!

KFCs everywhere have different menu items and the flavors are adjusted according to the local’s preferences. In some KFCs in Asia – there are PORTUGUESE EGG TARTS! YES, eat creamy custard filled pastries with your fried chicken.

In this video we dive into the history of how these egg tarts got on KFC’s menu! Did you know the recipe actually comes from the famous egg tart bakeries – Lord Stow’s and Magaret Cafe e Nata in Macau?

If you’re still reading this I’ll give you more fun facts! You deserve it. Technically “Asian egg tarts” appeared in Hong Kong around the 1950s in cafes. Hong Kong was under British rule from 1950s to 1997 that’s why those Asian egg tarts stem influence from British custard tarts.

Macau was a Portuguese island for over 400 years and that’s why Portuguese egg tarts spread from there into Asia.

Of course, historians have different stories and can (probably have) argued over egg tarts origins. But I think we can all agree on this: egg tarts are darn delicious.

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