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Sneak peak at Toy Story land rides, merch, and food – Disney News 05/04/18

Written by Ariel

Disney has given us sneak peak at a slinky dog dash ride through, and the alien swirling saucers, as well as some new merch and all of the amazing looking food we can find at Woodys Toy box. Looks great for real.

Sneak peak at Toy Story land rides, merch, and food – Disney News 05/04/18

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  • For me, Toy Story Land is a bit of a disappointment. First of all, they rushed to do the land and not make it more like you're the size of a toy. They drastically changed the plants as well as got rid of some of the props that were supposed to be added for the coaster, the plants are important because that's one of the main parts of the setting coming together and making sense. Not only that, Alien Swirling Saucers is just a bad copy of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree at DCA. No new concept for that ride what so ever, the Imagineers lied. However, I'm excited for the coaster and the Wheezy animatronic (which I knew about thanks to Jack from DSNY Newscast) but for the land in general, I think they should've spent more time on it and open it alongside Galaxy's Edge in 2019. Or even 2020.

  • Who knows if any trees and natural foliage will ever mature at Toy Story Land. Look at Toon Town. Some of those food items do indeed look good.

  • i know that Disneyland has great food, my issue with the food is charging $11-15 for a basic sandwich and a bag of chips.

  • Thanks for the update, but you used the wrong word. It should be peek (quick look), not peak (top of a mountain).

  • Did you forget that Shanghai Disneyland also got a clone of the Junkyard jamboree ride system but it is themed to Woody and horses.

  • Also can they convert both the Autopia and the Disney speedway a WDW into electric vehicles so it doesn't smell like exhaust anymore.

  • I know it’s a kid’s land, but couldn’t they have made the hills and turns just a bit taller and sharper on the coaster to give it more appeal to teens and adults?! I mean even fifteen or twenty feet higher? And yes, larger ( more mature) trees and shrubs. Is Disney’s budget only for Home Depot sized trees?! Come on! I appreciate the new land, but it seems like a 60% effort….not 100%, like I’d expect from Disney.

  • I think an argument could be made that Disney could have planted some "fake trees" at the Dumbo wall for temporary use until the real trees have had time to mature.

  • Hey, if must reskin a ride, make it one of the best ones you got! Was so surprised how awesome Mater's was. Love that silly little thing. And this is coming from someone who doesn't get much out of flatrides in the first place. Can't remember when the last time I did the Astro Orbitor ..

  • I like how the food at Andy’s lunch box is mostly sandwiches and other things u may find in a lunch box

  • For me, this is a kid's roller coaster… and I won't likely be going on it.. I would rather spend my time on an "e-ticket" coaster… But I think it's awesome for the kids!!

  • I've gotten more excited as well!! Looks very cute. Love that the Slinky Coaster goes through the land. Food looks absolutely delish!!

  • WDW was certainly lacking when it came to food so I’m glad they will have better choices, and if they have the mobile ordering it will be even better. Did they show the seating areas where you can sit to eat?

  • It's hard to believe that the opening of Toy Story Land is right around the corner.  I seems like it was only yesterday that it was just announced.

  • The slinky dog … uhh… headband?? should be a set with dog ears and a wire coil "tail" you clip to your back belt buckle.

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